Snack Round up: July 2012

July 20

As a snacker, this month I have come across some great snacks that I want to share with all of you…

First up is a breakfast fave and also a snack one too! Rachel’s Organic, a range of organic probiotic yoghurts with delicious flavors! It goes perfectly with Granola. My favorite flavors include Honey (has a tint of honey flavor in the yogurt), Coconut (includes coconut shavings in the yogurt yum!), and Vanilla (perfectly sweetened and would work perfectly with strawberries)! 

As for real sugar, tried The Fudge Kitchen recently, home to fresh, creamy and rich Fudge! My favorite was the Banoffee Bonanza: This is truly a Bonanza -rich to satisfy a banana toffee crave in a second – yum! 


Moving on to one of my favorite snacks, Popcorn! I recently came across Lord Poppingtons, Low cal popcorn bags, generously filled bags and include flavors such as Chili & Lime (If you’re a fan of chili this great – a very asian combination!), Four cheeses and sweet & salty (my fave). 

As for drinks, I love refreshing ones for summer! currently loving Firefly drinks – natural and refreshing delicious drinks in a bottle. Love the Peach & Green tea and Pomegranate & Elderflower flavors – refreshed.


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