ON MY PLATE: Roti Chai, London UK

July 9
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Roti Chai – A vibrant Indian restaurant which really brings forward the true authentic traditions of street food.  Located in Central London on 3 Portman Mews South, Roti Chai is designed in a colorful contemporary fashion in terms of its furniture as well as its artwork, which justly reflects the crux of the restaurant.  Not only does this place serve as a restaurant but it also sells some Indian produced goodies to take home after staying in for lunch.

Growing up and eating Indian food was definitely not as common as having Italian or Chinese food, but let me just say that I’m learning to love all the fresh and interesting flavors as I come along new places to test out and compare.  When it comes to Indian food you’ve got vast amounts of variety from meats to vegetables, however, the spices always seem to be on point and just never disappoint – well at least that’s what we were thinking after we indulged ourselves with some Roti Chai goodness.  We were told that the portions were relatively small so that allowed us to order more variety, and have the opportunity to try more things.

How can you start off your meal without some mixed Roti bread selection?  The different flavors included garlic as well as the plain original flavor – these were perfect to eat alongside the Raita, which is a yoghurt with mint and cucumber.  Other starters included the amazing crispy Chicken Lollipops and the all-time traditional Spicy Pea & Potato Samosas.  We were recommended the Bun Kebab which resembled a burger but unlike your all-American burger, this was all-Indian with the immense amounts of spices.  Our second main dish was the Chicken Manchurian with steamed rice – a Chinese dish gone ever so rich and spicy! Yum.

When it came down to dessert there was some dispute since I felt like ending the meal with a refreshing Mango Kulfi (because of all the London sunshine that was gazing through the windows), but Tala on the other hand preferred to order the Pistachio Kulfi (a frozen Indian dairy dessert on a stick).   This was then easily settled once I spotted the Keralan Fruit Salad on the menu, which was accompanied with a sweet almond and saffron custard to be drizzled on top.

Perfect for: A casual lunch/dinner with friends or family, and great for satisfying those taste buds that are in need of traditional cuisine full of spice and flavor!


3 Portman Mews South
W1H 6HS, London


020 7408 0101



Street Kitchen: Monday to Saturday: Midday until 11pm

Sunday: 1pm to 9pm

Dining Room: Tuesday to Saturday: 6pm until 11pm

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