Myfashdiary cleanses with... Purifyne!

June 28
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I recently did a Purifyne cleanse! Initially, was going to go for the five day signature cleanse… and yea, that didn’t go as hoped. Backed out of doing the 5 day, ended up going with 3 days (which is good enough for a first time juice cleanser no?) My first juice cleanse for more than one day – I was dreading the thought of knowing I won’t be allowed solids for more than one day.

First things first, with Purifyne, you receive a delivery the evening/night before everyday which is packed with the juices, supplements and all the things you need. What I was SUPER impressed with, is the fact that Purifyne are super attentive… Like a cleansing parent. I’ve spoken to the team from the morning hours till around Midnight! They follow up with you on a daily basis, as well as send over info via email (as well as your daily routine). With each package, you receive a ton of supplements to say healthy and not missing any of the nutrients whilst on the cleanse, as well as colosan powder for bowel movement.

The question you might be asking on how good/bad were the juices? The juices are quite thin so you tend to get tints of the fruits and veggies within the taste but luckily, you never really get a taste of ‘Vegetable juice’ which is great! Not to mention, the mix with pineapple was DELICIOUS.

Here’s my mini diary…

Day one: No caffeine, yet cheated with fruitella, polo and two apples. But so far, so good. Filled with energy with random dizzy strikes but I’m accepting them because I know they’re just the effect of toxins leaving my body.

Day two: I mean, who starts the day with a macaron class when you are on a cleanse? only me, I guess. so Obviously, did cheat with the macarons I made… but other than that, no fruitella that day, and I stuck to the juice cleanse with an apple.

Day three: I must say I did cheat a bit but felt super energetic and fresh all day!

All in all, This is definitely something I would recommend to do every 2 months, great for the system and great for the well being. I tend to have such a busy schedule, and love sugar so my body definitely needs a re-boot every now and then. For next time, I will try to cheat with fruits/vegs instead of sugar but I must say I am proud I didn’t have a drop of caffeine in the 3 days! / Facebook