My Fash Guide: Naperville, Illinois

July 29

For those of you who don’t know, I was born in Illinois and I have family living there. So in between New York & LA, I dropped down to Illinois to spend a few days with the family! A great relaxing and fab trip so I thought I would create a guide incase you are heading there anytime soon 🙂

Barre classes
Anyone that knows me, knows my obsession with Barre. I hunt down for Barre classes wherever I am in the world and Naperville was no different. I came across two Barre Studios during my trip that I highly recommend. The Dailey Method (which is a Barre inspired method) and The Bar Method (which is a Barre workout chain)

Studio Movie Grill
When I was in Naperville, I watched the new Spiderman in 3D at the Studio Movie Grill which just opened there. It reminded me a bit of Gold class except with all the movies showing at the cinema (Gold class show 2 movies a day) and a larger emphasis on their food. Their menu was delicious and was several pages long. They had everything from quessadillas, salad selections, turkey burgers to sweet potato fries (one of the best I’ve had.)

Heaven on Seven
Never had Cajun food (from Louisiana) before but ended up trying out on a night out in downtown Chicago – If you love spicy food, this is definitely for you! I recommend their Cajun cheeseburger & their desserts are fab too.

Ralph Lauren restaurant
If you’re hoping to get some great shopping, head over to Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago and don’t forget to lunch or dine at Ralph Lauren’s restaurant there!

Foodwise, Chicago are known for their hotdogs and deep dish pizza so if you’re in town, and want to try some good hot dogs – definitely check out Portillos! yum.

Downtown Chicago
& of course, If you are in Naperville, don’t forget to go and spend an afternoon/a day/week in downtown Chicago!

Dried mangoes by Regal Gourmet snacks-
I love dried mangoes but in Naperville, they also sell a kind that I’ve never seen before that is even sweeter than the ones I am used to (definitely a plus for me!)

 A few other favorites that are all around the states, but not in the UAE or UK (and barely in NYC) so fits perfectly into this guide…
Panera Bread
why don’t we have this in Dubai yet? I spotted a branch in NYC but the queue was all around the block, so I had to visit when I got to Naperville. The best soups, bread and salads! I LOVE the Asian Salad – but the list does go on…

Panda Express
My cousins will be probably laughing this made my list because this is pretty much their Mcdonalds in the states but their Orange chicken is unreal. I always have to get my Orange chicken fix at Panda Express whenever I visit the states!

The Cheesecake Factory
Last, but not least – don’t forget to visit The Cheesecake Factory. set to open any day at the Dubai Mall! My favorite is the Reeses peanut butter!

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