My day with... Tiffany & Co in NYC!

July 29

When I was in NYC, I was lucky to be invited into the Tiffany & Co. world at the NYC flagship on 5th Ave! I had the chance to check out and tour the full flagship (which is a lot bigger than I imagined) definitely a must-see if you are in NYC. I was also educated about the different collections, designers and collaborations. Each floor had different collections for different customers, as well as a slightly different interior. (however, the full flagship is beautiful – I was even told magazines book in advance to shoot editorials on their beautiful staircases!)

I also checked out the private ‘apartment’ that is used for VIP guests that looks just like a NYC apartment over the store where VIP guests can view the jewelry at their own comfort as well as place a special order.

Followed by that, I was then taken to the magic studio where all the magic happens! All the private orders are made in New York and I had a chance to check out the process from the order sketch, to the stone cuts all the way to the placement and polish. You can see all the hard work that goes into one piece of jewelry (I was told some orders take up to two years!).

So this was a little brief on my Tiffany’s experience, but the best part of it all – I took pictures during my journey to share my visual diary with all of you. Enjoy!

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