The Best Cheesecake in London.

May 5

Writing this whilst eating a slice of cookie dough cheesecake… I have the biggest sweet tooth (dessert over savoury snacks any day, any time…) I also love cheesecake, and never really have amazing ones unless I’m in the states (cheesecake factory!) or when my mom makes her delicious lemon cheesecake. I was ecstatic when I came across English cheesecake company in London, and had to give it a go. Browsing through the site, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go with the cookie dough, honey comb or the Millionaires caramel shortbread. I ended up going for the cookie dough collision – the cookie dough centre just had to win…

It arrived on Thursday morning – the first morning after my detox ended – my cheesecake arrived packed amazingly – ready to defrost or freeze depending on when you want to eat it… obviously, I defrosted mine. The cheesecake was amazing… each bite satisfies any cookie/biscuit/chocolate/cheesecake crave you’ve had. Next one? Honeycomb!

P.s. if you’re having a party or event – The English Cheesecake company also have minis available – super cool!

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