Myfashdiary experiences... My Food Diet Delivery program!

May 9
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I am no fad diet lover… I believe in healthy eating and exercise if you want to lose weight but I speak on behalf of a bunch of other women, eating healthy in small portions is easier said than done. This is why I think diet delivery programs are genius – At least you know the food is carefully cooked, and served in the right portion. I recently tried the My Food delivery program for one week (Caroline Flack is a fan!) – The ‘Body Blitz’ program to be specific. Perfect in time for the summer holidays! This program is a little different, you receive your hamper on the morning of your first day and you receive everything you need for the full week ready to be put in your freezer. You are given a weekly menu program in order to know which bags you should remove from the freezer the day before.

Before I go on… I must admit – I cheated. I had my Starbucks Vanilla lattes daily, I did cheat with m&ms and candy. I am a big snacker, and I had a hard time only eating 3 meals and not having snacks in between so minus the snacks, I followed the meals. the breakfasts included Muesli with coconut and dried pineapple (yum) or Fruit strousel pot, followed by a lunch of soup and crackers and ending the day with a main dish (my favorite was the cashew biryani!).

The cost is super affordable, which is a great plus because you do have some overpriced programs these days… and if you’re quite good with limiting snacks, you will definitely have a body perfect for the holiday season!