MySnackDiary: Nakd.

May 3
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As a snack lover, I was eager to try the Nakd bars that are available everywhere from Holland & Barrett to Waitrose. Free from Gluten, wheat and dairy – everything is raw and doesn’t include added sugar or syrups. A great way to get your five-a-day… I was impressed with the snack range that was delicious and different to the ordinary snack bars – more flavor and body…

A few of my faves:

Gingerbread cake tastes like Gingerbread cake, perfect for a spice fix
Cocoa delight is the perfect treat for a chocolate crave, tastes like a chocolate cookie bar!
Cocoa Orange – wow. if you love orangettes as much as I do – This is definitely the perfect substitute if you have an orangette crave. Tastes like them in a fudgy bar 🙂
Pecan Pie is the perfect alternative to a pecan pie (reminds me of the ones I have during the holiday season!)
Berry delight – great satisfaction of fruit and berries craves, simple, and sweet but freshly sweet (really dislike artificial berry flavors in bars)