Myfashdiary speaks to... the founder of Cambridge Satchel Co. bags!

May 17
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If you follow the fashion industry and don’t know about Cambridge satchel Company bags… my question for you is, which planet have you been living in? The Cambridge satchel bags took fashion week by storm, followed by the blogging world by storm and soon followed with the whole world by storm. Those neon bags are everywhere, which is why I had to introduce a new shade to my wardrobe!

I was eager to speak to Julie Deane, the founder as Cambridge bags were never looked at as a fashion statement and are pretty much bags with so much heritage. Nowadays, a lot of new brands have come out with a line of satchels because they have become a trend where as Camsatchelco was created before this trend even started! With the attention from press and retailers such as ASOS, Harvey Nichols and others – The bags are now everywhere with their stockists growing rapidly! We spoke about how her company started up, how the idea of fluo satchels came up and blogs!


Hi Julie! how did the idea of starting your company come up?

The business was started as I was a stay at home mum who needed to rescue her eight year old daughter from a school where she was being bullied, mothers worldwide can relate to this – if your child is in need of help then you will do anything. I knew that I had to move her and so set about looking for business ideas. I was reading Harry Potter to the children at the time and that inspired me to look for classic satchels – there were none on the market that I could find and so I had found my niche!

I love how Cambridge satchel co is a classic bag with so much heritage and have now taken the fashion industry by storm. Was this ever the plan?

No! the plan was to bring back the traditional school satchel but to give it a real modern twist by making them in a variety of beautiful colours. I hoped that they would be adopted by schoolchildren as they last for ages and keep looking lovely, but the fashion bloggers and press have taken them to the fashion catwalks worldwide. We are so proud and couldn’t be happier.

How did the idea of cambridge satchels in fluos and metallics come up?

A fashion journalist at Elle (UK) asked me for the brightest satchels we could make for a photoshoot at the magazine – I immediately thought of the fluoro leather and had some bags made. They certainly hit the spot!

Cambridge satchels are featured on fashion blogs numerous times a day – do you read fashion blogs?

When Cambridge Satchel started I knew very little of the blogging world but now we are all addicted, we love to see what people are wearing and especially how they fit our satchels to their outfits. The bloggers are so stylish, they pair colours and accessories with the Cambridge Satchels so as to really show how adaptable they are.

What is next for Cambrige satchel co?

Our UK workshops are expanding, so more jobs for skilled people. The brand is positioned at the best stores in the world and we are so very proud of that, we continue to find amazing partners for sale and collaborations – Comme des Garcons, Basso and Brooke and a very exciting one being worked on at the moment….  we have a new bag shape coming out over the summer month, four new colours in the next month and then a whole new collection in time for the fashion weeks of Sept/October – it’s all happening here!!