5 minutes with… Made in Chelsea's Caggie Dunlop!

May 12
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You might have or have not heard, Made in Chelsea’s Caggie Dunlop – one of the stylista’s on the show is creating a fashion brand called ISWAI by Caggie Dunlop, which stands for ‘It starts with an Idea’ which I loved. This week, I spoke to Caggie about her collection, her style, s/s’12, blogs and Fitness tips!

-Hi Caggie! How did designing your own collection come about?
It was just something I’ve always dreamt of, and the show made it a possibility, because of the profile that I’d developed. Creating something that was a platform for young designers came later on. I didnt want to just attach my name to an already established label, and not have any creative involvement. And I figured why not use my profile to encourage and develop other artists out there? So I came up with ISWAI.


-we love your style on MIC – what is your all time fashion essential?
A great jacket or coat. It can make any outfit instantly cool (if its a good one). I am a big coat fan.


-what will you be wearing this spring/summer?
Alot of pastels. Its all about colour, no black. Soft colours that compliment your complextion, and prints, lots of prints. Mismatching prints, and tailoured shirts.


-do you read fashion blogs?
from time to time. I dont have any that I follow religiously, but I read them when I come across them.


-you are looking great! How are you keeping in shape for the summer?
trying to work out and avoiding cake. Kicking a ball around is great when you dont want to excercise, you dont feel like your doing anything but your panting away very quickly!