Cupcake lovin... Victoria Sponge Bakery!

May 31

I recently discovered Victoria Sponge Bakery and fell in love with 2 things before I even tried the cakes. 1) the Variety – (there is everything from Victoria sponge cake, red velvet, carrot to Bounty, M&M’s, cookie dough and Ferrero Rocher!) 2) all her cakes are gluten free. I received a delivery of 4 beautiful cupcakes – Red Velvet, Cookie dough, Lemon Lime and Victoria sponge. Each one was delicious, felt very gourmet & rich, and I mean it when I say delish, so I have to give some commentary on each cupcake.

1) Red Velvet – probably one of the best red velvet cupcakes I’ve had that didn’t end up making me feel ill. Not heavy whatsoever but completely satisfying. My sister tried it and didn’t even know it was Gluten free (people feel like that makes a difference in the flavor) The cake was moist, fresh and the cream cheese icing was perfect – not too heavy, but the perfect sweetness to top off the red velvet!

2) Victoria Sponge – I had to try Victoria Sponge. 1) It is one of those English things I haven’t tried yet and I’ve been living here for 4 years now… 2) The bakery is named Victoria sponge so it must be their speciality. I can’t compare as I haven’t had Victoria sponge cake before but I can say that it was great and would go perfectly with a cup of tea for tea time 🙂

3) Cookie Dough – no secret I love cookie dough so this was definitely one I was most excited to try! loved the cookie dough in the centre and a great way to satisfy a cookie dough crave minus gluten!

4) Lemon/Lime – This is my 2nd favorite after the amazing Red Velvet. PERFECT Lemon cake topped off with lemon frosting that tasted like Lemon Meringue – heavenly…

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