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June 2
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Summer has approached in some cities and still approaching in others… hence the fact I have been featuring a lot more Diet, health and fitness features (also to balance out if you have been indulging in things I’ve featured like the cookie dough cheesecake, brownie heaven and peanut butter cups)

I went with the Mix and Match – so I can try out their different diets in 3 days. One think I really loved about the diet is each thing has a sticker with the ingredients and why it’s good for you. It gives you a better picture on what you’re about to eat, and gives you a heads up on why it’s good for you!

Day One: I chose the easiest out of the the three days to do on the first day – The Meal plan. It consisted of solids – delicious and filling. included a Berry Muesli, date snack, fruits, lasagne and potato stew… I will admit, I cheated with a tall sized vanilla latte and cashews.

Day Two: I will be honest… I was dreading the raw juice cleanse day… I have a tough time not snacking, wasn’t sure how it was going to be with just liquids all day. I’ll be honest… I cheated but I don’t feel as bad as I cheated with fruits, nuts and crackers – I didn’t even have coffee (tough!!)
let’s talk about the best part? LOVED the Mango “Oatis” juice which consisted of Passion fruit, oats, soya yoghurt, lemon, oranges and grapefruit! 2nd favorite? The Soooo Berry Antioxidant, which included a variety of rich berries that is great to drink to reduce¬†cholesterol.

Day Three: Last day was the soup and juice day – I was good till I was offered a macaroon! However, must mention the juices were DELICIOUS. I would definitely replace dinner with one of the big juice bottles – so yummy.

all in all, in just 3 days – I feel less bloated, fresh and craving coffee more than ever! I would recommend an actual detox (mine was a trial of 3 days) if you are looking to slim up before a big event or for a body cleanse!