Little Miracles.

May 29
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Not the biggest tea fan, but I do die for Iced tea… I recently discovered Little Miracles. Organic energy in a bottle… A chilled bottle of Little Miracles has now become a fave – energy boost & refreshing. I also love anything sweet but doesn’t taste artificially sweet – so this is just great for that crave. They have three flavors so I thought I would break them down:

Black tea (the pink bottle) is my top fave. This one includes Ginseng, Peach and Acai. It pretty much tastes like Peach iced tea but better (& it is organic – plus!)

White tea (the purple bottle) is my 2nd fave. This one includes Ginseng, Cherry and Acai. Cherryliscious and delicious (that rhymes…) so good.

Green tea (the green bottle) is my 3rd fave – but still a fave. This one includes Ginseng, Pomegranate and Acai. Just wish it had more of a pomegranate flavor!

Have you tried Little Miracles before? which is your fave?