5 Minutes with... Nikki Cast!

November 16
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I am in love with jewelry – they make any outfit interesting… and are definitely conversation starters. I love sourcing jewelry whilst traveling and picking up pieces from my adventures as well as, finding great upcoming designers. One that I recently came across & fell in love instantly was Nikki Cast. Check out my favorite pieces above – I don’t even have to explain why they’re so amazing! I recently interviewed Nikki – see interview below!

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Hi Nikki! We love your pieces! How did starting your own line come about? First of all thank you for the compliment and support.  My line came about rummaging through my father’s tool box.  I have always been very crafty and tend to do my own home improvements.  Playing with different tools and hardware devices I found a basic hose clamp that I thought looked pretty cool. Curious of what else from a hardware store I could wear I started becoming a regular at Home Depot for versatile and funky shapes.  With the constant compliments I developed Nikki Cast, turning items of function into jewelry.

what inspires you?  I started riding motocross about 2 years ago and have been collecting inspiration from all the parts and mechanics of a bike.  Most recently I was traveling the US in a 39ft Rockstar motor-home for my other company  While traveling America’s countryside I have found peaceful elements of nature that has hugely influenced my collection to come.  I try to find balance so not one piece is too aggressive yet always keeping true to my masculine feminine approach.

-who is the ‘Nikki Cast’ girl? Any celebrity you would like to see in your pieces? Confident, charming and effortlessly sexy, the Nikki Cast girl does not hide behind her wardrobe. A piece is chosen not by its labels but how she can play and taunt the world with it. Simple lines with aggressive color, versatile yet playful accessories, and shoes that carry her strong stride. Celebrities best matched to the Nikki Cast image; Chloe Sevigny, Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Moss, Kristen Stewart.  For the small men’s collection; Ryan Gosling, Rick Owens, Theophilus London and Johnny Depp.

do you read fashion blogs?   Not often but when I do; T Magazine blogs, Man Repeller, Ashahs life (new but going in a great direction), and ballerina

what advice would you give aspiring jewelry designers? Stay small with your first collection and focus on refining those pieces.  Make sure to wear and fidget with your collection to see how the metal wears, reacts and if the assembly and design is comfortable.