Obsessed with...The Nails Inc Magnetic Nailpolish!!

October 23

with Nails Inc Founder, Thea Green!

I recently was invited to attend the launch event for the Nails Inc Magnetic Nailpolish! I must admit – when I first saw the picture of the magnetic nailpolish, I thought it was going to be a new nailart using magnet that we could only get done at Salons – but oh, how I was wrong!! The nailpolish is available in 3 colors (as of now) metallic gold-silver-purple – that looks great on the nails alone but then the lid has a magnetic, which you put over your nail 10-15 seconds, and achieve one of the coolest creations ever! Check the video below for a tutorial…

The event was hosted by Nails Inc founder, Thea Green (who was so sweet) at their flagship store on South Molton street, London! she spoke about how the concept came up and how they have been working on this for years now & are the first brand to launch magnetic nailpolish (the other nail brands will definitely follow in her footsteps soon…) You can get great deals on their website & note the proceeds from the nailpolish go to charity!


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