The Kim Kardashian Diaries!

October 25
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I had one of my most popular competitions recently – I gave TEN readers the chance to meet Kim Kardashian & receive a hamper of Sephora products! and because this was such a great prize & I wasn’t there to witness it all (wish there was two of me at times…or even three.) I asked my readers to send over a mini diary of their experience. 3 of them were lovely enough to send over some pictures and a paragraph on the event! Check out the official coverage above & the mini diaries below!

Deann's Kim Kardashian autograph!

Deann's Kim Kardashian autograph!

-Deann D’Cunha’s Diary:
As soon as I walked into Dubai Mall, I could feel the excitement of the crowd there to catch a glimpse of Kim Kardashian. The winners of the meet and greet from various competitons had a separate waiting area to get to meet her. We were given beauty hampers too from Sephora. Everyone was eager to meet her waiting with magazines and copies of Kardashian Konfidential for her to sign. When my turn did come to meet Kim, I was absolutely amazed by how stunning she is for real. She was really sweet and very down to earth! I had to tell her that she looked gorgeous. The whole event was just so much fun! Definitely a weekend to remember and so worth the drive down from Abu Dhabi.

-Yasmine Mehio’s Diary:
Thank you so much for this amazing chance to meet kim ahhh she is soooo gorgeous! even though we met her for a minute or soo she was so sweeet! and i love her omg! I wish i took  apicture with her but they didnt let as it was too crowded ! but she signed my book and magazine which was totally worth the wait.
thank youu again xoxo

-Sarah Umerani’s Diary:
Thank you so much MyFashDiary and Sephora for giving me a chance to meet Kim Kardashian. Thank you for the lovely gift (we got Kim Kardashian’s new perfume along with other things – it smells amazing, everyone should buy it!). I absolutely love Kim and was delighted to meet her. Unfortunately, they didn’t allow pictures but I got an autograph. Once again, thank you so much Tala! x

How adorable is Ferwa's collage?

-Ferwa Chevel’s Diary:
When I found out I had won the contest on MyFashDiary to meet Kim Kardashian, I was over the moon! Despite the many critics out there, I love Kim, her personality, & her fun, drama filled family, not to mention she is my beauty and style crush! On the day, I entered the VIP line and waited on a red carpet (how glam!) for Kim to arrive at Sephora. While I waited I received my Sephora hamper which included Kim’s amazing perfume “Gold” along with a Sephora eyeshadow, lip gloss, bubble bath and mug! My excitement built with every step closer towards Kim’s table. While waiting, I spotted Huda Kattan walking past and asked for a photo opp. Huda (bottom right picture) is Tala’s partner in crime and the FAB (fashion & beauty) duo are taking over the style scene in Dubai among other major cities with their style and beauty secrets! Once I was second in line to get to Kim’s table I got my Harper’s Bazaar Arabia copy ready to be signed and also took the opportunity to take a picture of Kim (middle picture) who wore and olive colored and black net dress accessorized with a chunky antique silver necklace. The security was tight and the pace at which we had to move along was fast, so a picture with her was next to impossible. Nevertheless, we smiled at each other as I asked her to kindly sign my magazine and as she did so we exchanged a quick “Hi, how are you?” “Hi, thanks so much!” “Thanks for coming”. I then got my magazine and a Sephora card that everyone got with her signature, exited the store, and then that was the end of one of the most amazing experiences. The other pictures are me (not such good pictures) with the signed copy of the card and mag, along with a zoomed in shot of the autograph, and the Kim Kardashian logo on the barricades around the store. I would really like to thank Tala for giving me and those other 10 girls this great opportunity to meet someone I love.

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