5 Minutes... with the Tata Naka girls!

October 22
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When I think of quirky prints & fun pieces, I immediately think of Tata Naka – they are definitely on my top 10 London based brands! I recently had the chance to interview the lovely Tata Naka girls,  Tamara and Natasha Surguladze – who also happen to be twins!! Find out if they read blogs, why they use a lot of prints and what tips they would give aspiring designers!

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-Hi girls! Was Fashion always your career plan?
We were always into art, painting drawing etc. We started designing clothes and styling fashion shows for our mum and her friends when we were six years old. We have know since then that’s what we wanted to do and we were lucky to have our childhood dream come true.

-How does it feel to go to work everyday with your sister?
Since we both wanted to be fashion designers and since we were always very close, we naturally always wanted to work together. We set up our business straight after college, so working together is what we have been doing for 11 years now. I thinking working with each other makes us stronger and everything else a little bit easier to deal with (this is from a business point of), creatively it’s just more interesting and fun!

 -You use a lot of prints, why prints?
We love painting and art in general, prints is what we use to combine our love for art with fashion. Besides we feel prints bring an element of humor, fun and happiness to clothes.

 -Favorite fashion city?
Although both Milan and Paris are extremely fashionable especially during fashion weeks, we feel London still has the most originality and diversity.

 -Do you read fashion blogs?

 – What tips would you give an aspiring Designer?
Be yourself, do what you love and believe in and if you are passionate about your work than be prepared to face a lot of challenges.

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