5 Minutes with... Cashmere Queen, Madeleine Thompson!

October 30
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If there is one person that knows how to keep warm in style – it would have to be Designer, Madeleine Thompson. I’m a huge fan of Thompson’s pieces – chic, versatile yet cozy & warm – exactly what we need in London’s Winter! This week, I spoke to Madeleine about her pieces, how to be comfortable on a flight, tips on how to buy Cashmere & Fashion blogs!
For more, click HERE or shop her collection at Matches Fashion HERE.

– Hi Madeleine! how did creating cashmere luxury pieces come about?
It all began in 2006, after struggling to find a beanie in stores with the right mix of slouch and elegance, I designed a cashmere one for myself.   My friends began asking me to make one for them and before long the word had spread and my beanie was seen on Sienna Miller & Agyness Deyn.   However, it wasn’t until a Vogue editor asked me where they were stocked (which they weren’t) that I realized I  might have a business in the making.

 – You are the queen of comfortable clothes – what do you wear on a long flight?
I will wear a Madeleine Thompson Ems Dress or Timeless maxi dress.  And I pack Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream into my hand luggage alongside a good book.

 -Tips on how to buy great cashmere?
Cashmere is all about Yarn Quality.  You can have a sweater made from 10% excellent Cashmere Yarn & 90% Merino that is better quality than other sweaters made from bad quality 100% Cashmere.  So, I do think it is sometimes difficult to find great cashmere.    All of the Madeleine Thompson Yarn comes from Italy and is of the highest quality.  We use 100% cashmere for the looser fitted pieces and a mix of cashmere, lambswool and silk in the more structured pieces.  We consider getting the right yarn mix almost a science and it is of utmost importance to us.

 -Do you read fashion blogs
Yes I read Style Bubble, Liberty London Girl and Vogue’s contributing bloggers and of course My Fash Diary…

 -Favorite fashion city?
Tricky, I have split allegiances to Hong Kong & London.  Both are pretty incredible.

 -Last but not least, who is the Madeleine Thompson girl?
I think she is difficult to put into any one category.   She’s any girl that likes to look great even on off duty moments from Saturday brunch to a walk in the park to the Monday morning Starbucks run.