Travel Thursdays with The Clothes Parlour's Founder, JOAN LILEY!

June 30

A great new etailer to keep your eye on – The Clothes Parlour! TCP sells a number of great brands such as… Ash, Cacharel, Eddie Borgo, Karen Walker, and Opening ceremony to name a few! This week, the Founder – Joan Liley shares her travel secrets EXCLUSIVELY with myfashdiary! Shop HERE

-When travelling, it’s best to keep it simple.  If you’re only going for a week, try to take no more than three pairs of shoes as they take up lots of room in your suitcase.  Wear your heaviest pair to the airport to avoid an obese suitcase which may potentially cost you at check-in.

-To be as economical as possible with your case space, plan your outfits ahead.  If you pick a particular colour scheme or a couple of trends it’s much easier to mix and match efficiently so you have more time on the beach.  I find Mara Hoffman and M. Missoni the best for holiday wardrobes as their bold prints just ooze summer fun.

-My personal style is all about the accessories and on holiday, they are even more important! Packing much lighter than huge amounts of different clothing options, clever accessories make the same pieces translate painlessly from day to night.  One Prova scarf for example can be a belt, a headscarf, a bag ornament, a small sarong, worn as a scarf… the possibilities are endless!
-Protect your hair.  Did you know it can get sunburnt too?  I usually take a wide brimmed Pachacuti hat to shade my face (NEVER tan your face – just load up on fake tan or bronzer – you will thank me when you’re 40!) and cover my hair so it still looks beautiful and glossy in the evenings.  Leave-in conditioners with an SPF are great too and the odd conditioning treatment wouldn’t go amiss either.

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