Travel Thursdays with Stylist, ILARIA URBINATI!

July 7

Ever wondered who was behind Emmy Rossum, Elle Fanning, and Ashley Greene’s chic looks? None other than Mega stylist, Ilaria Urbinati! This week, Ilaria has shared a few of her travel tips for all you fash-ionistas!

Ilaria’s work
-I always bring an oversize cashmere scarf to double as a blanket so I don’t have to use the gross ones from the plane, plus it keeps me warm when I land, looks chic and fits easily in my carry on

-I like to come up with a sort of uniform for the trip, and then mix and match from there. I always end up wearing the same thing anyway so I might as well not over pack, then I add a couple of good cocktail dresses for evening and some heels and I’m good to go. shoes are the heaviest so I stick to a nude heel and a black heel because they go with everything.

-I have a place in new york and in la because I travel back and forth so much so I keep 2 sets of toiletries and chargers in each city, as well as a few of my favorite basics like Proenza Schouler tees, Goldsign jeans and white low top Converse and Keds.

-The second I land I drink a couple of coconut waters because the plane is so dehydrating.

-I don’t like to pack a lap top because it’s the only time I get to unplug… instead I use the time to finish a book and catch up on some sleep. I find if I don’t pack anything but a book I’ll always finish it. it’s a good way to get through the ones I keep putting off.

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