Travel Thursdays with's Fashion shopper, SARAH BUSH!

June 23
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Looking for the perfect item but can’t seem to find one? you head over to! This week,’s Fashion Shopper, Sarah Bush shares her travel tips and secrets EXCLUSIVELY with myfashdiary readers. A great & informative read – enjoy!

Don’t skimp on your skin!  Even though it’s a pain getting all your lotions and creams through security, moisturiser, lip balm and sun protection are an absolute must for all trips. I try to use products which are versatile – I absolutely love Dr Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream which I find rich enough to hydrate my skin on long-haul flights and which doubles up as a good night cream while I’m away. I also love Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser, which has SPF 20 and gives jet-lagged skin a much-needed glow! Another great sun-protector is Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Moisturizer SPF 50, which comes in a perfect size for your handbag (no more getting burnt when the sun suddenly comes out on your day trip).

Be frivolous  I find ‘sensible’ packing for trips far too depressing – why should I dress like a tourist just because I am one? I find what works for me is to take a capsule wardrobe of co-ordinating basics and then add in a clutch of accessories so that I can vary my look. I live in dread of getting on holiday and finding I hate everything I’ve packed, so I generally take lots of scarves, jewellery, sunglasses and hair accessories as an insurance policy. I also try to avoid looking like I’ve walked straight off the beach when I’m on a city break (another tourist look) – I think generally it’s just better to imagine a very sunny day in London whether you’re packing for a trip to Rome or LA.

Amuse yourself This is particularly relevant when I’m travelling for work – people often think that travelling as part of your job is fun but a lot of the time it’s boring. For this reason I always pack a book and a DVD box set to watch on my laptop, and sometimes I take a list of personal stuff I need to get done (like sending people cards or wedding registry purchases) and use the chilled evenings in the hotel to get through everything.

Research the best stuff to buy I really love to shop and so shopping as a part of my holiday is pretty much a dead cert. But as I’ve got older (and hopefully wiser), I’ve learnt to research my shopping before I get to my destination. What I tend to do now is find out what brands are local to that country and then compare prices on what I would pay at home – you can save a lot on brands like Dermalogica and Laura Mercier if you buy them in the US. If you download the free ShopStyle mobile app to your iPhone you can check stuff like this really easily

And finally.. Pack an extra bag! I learnt this from a trip to Tokyo where I bought every kitsch Japanese thing I could lay my hands on and then sat on my suitcase in the hotel literally begging everything to fit in (it didn’t work).  I now take my extra-roomy trusty Longchamp carry-on everywhere with me, I use it on the outbound flight almost empty and then fill it up with purchases for the return journey. If I don’t use it I fold it up into my suitcase and switch to a smaller bag on the way back.

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