Myfashdiary EXCLUSIVELY interviews Liz McClarnon

December 7
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You might recognize Liz McClarnon from the girl band, Atomic Kitten! Ever since the band, Liz has continued her solo career and is currently one of the celebrities involved and backing the Fairtrade Foundation Great Cotton Stitch-up Campaign. I personally feel like this subject is very important and thought this was great to share. I recently also interviewed Liz about the campaign, why she got involved, what her style tips were and why this subject is very important to her…
For more on the campaign, please click here!

-Hi Liz! How did your involvement with the Fairtrade project begin?
I was approached by the Fairtrade Foundation to help support the Fifth anniversary of Fairtrade cotton
-Why do you think the topic is crucial for people to be aware of?
An estimated 100 million households are involved in growing cotton in 70 countries around the world. In many countries where cotton is the main source of income, the direct consequence of falling cotton prices is poverty. Fairtrade means farmers receive a minimumFairtrade price which covers their costs plus a nniditional amount of money called the Fairtrade premium which they can invest in community projects or improving their business.
-What tips can you give for Fairtrade and ethical fashion?
We need more fashionable ranges! Come on retailers, designer with Fairtade cotton! Cotton is cotton, after all!
-What would you say is the biggest conception about Fairtrade?
That it’s expensive, but actually it’s not too different to what you would pay normally but the difference it makes is huge!!
-Fashion Magazines or Fashion Blogs?
I’m both! I still love vogue and I’m hoping for a subscription for Christmas (come on mum!) but I find fashion blogs beat magazines to the punch and are almost more honest…

-3 style tips for myfashdiary readers?
Even if something is in fashion right now, if it doesn’t suit you DO NOT wear it! No matter what size you are, if you buy a dress to small for you, you’ll look bigger than you are. Cheap does not mean good! You’ve seen the programmes… Buy Fairtrade fashion from ASOS, Top Shop and People Tree!
-Essentials in your handbag?
Headache tablets
Lots of old hotel keys
Donor card
iPhone and charger
-What is next for Liz?
Well I’m still on tour with the war of the worlds then next year I have my tv show out then my kitchen ware range out, cook book….