Myfashdiary EXCLUSIVELY interviews Designer, Kara Ross

December 14
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Who can forget the gorgeous Kara Ross pieces in SATC2? I recently interviewed the talented designer behind the most gorgeous jewelry and exotic clutches. I asked her about her inspirations, her Gemstone collection, Dubai and Fashion Blogs! Shop her collection here!

-What inspires a design?
I would walk down the street sketching if I didn’t think I would fall into a manhole.  As long as my eyes are open, I’m inspired – although I do love the excuse to take exotic vacations in order to find completely new and arresting things to look at!

-How did you feel when you were told your designs would be featured in SATC2?
Sex and the City was really just an exciting moment.  It’s a rush to hear that a movie so unequivocally linked with high fashion and incredible style wants to use your things.

-You are just about to come out with a Gemstone collection, which will be sold on Net-a-porter – how did that come about?
You know, I like to be organic but thoughtful about my brand’s expansion.  When the luxury market faltered in the United States, I wanted to use my passion for gemstones and fine jewelry in a way that could still be celebrated in light of the economy.  Using sterling silver as a base, with my 18k gold and gemstones as accents instead, the collection just took off.  Net-a-Porter was incredibly supportive and I truly appreciate that – that, and the fun we have whenever the buying team and I meet for drinks!  What a great company.

-The collection isn’t fully live yet on the site – could you share some details on the collection that most are not yet aware of?
There are witty little touches…I’ll share just one.  Every piece has a grille on the back, to give the jewelry form without needing to make it solid metal and thus incredibly heavy – and my name is worked into the design there.  I like making luxurious and personal little touches just for the owner of the jewelry to appreciate.

-You were in Dubai earlier this year. What are your thoughts on Middle Eastern fashion?
Too often in New York I find women resorting to neutral palates in order to fit their conception of “elegant,” but when I was in Dubai I found women doing just the opposite – creating glamorous, elegant, but colorful ensembles.  I loved it – I can’t get enough of color.

– Do you prefer fashion magazines or fashion blogs?
I have an iPad, so I get the best of both worlds – I don’t have to choose!

-Last words for myfashdiary readers?

Something my friends in the industry and I always find comes up is how collaborative this industry is.  Be unfailingly polite, and remember the extent of bravery required to get out there and design!