Myfashdiary EXCLUSIVELY interviews Designer, Melissa Odabash!

November 30
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If you’re like me & going off for your ‘Summer’ Winter break – you are probably stocking on your swimwear pieces so what better time to receive swimwear tips from the Swimwear Queen herself? I recently interviewed talented Designer, Melissa Odabash. We spoke about white swimsuits, beach essentials, Dubai, Collaborations & Blogs! Check out my favorite pieces from her collection!

-Hi Melissa! When did you realize you wanted to become a swimwear designer?While I was modelling in Italy I was modelling some of the ugliest fluorescent bikinis and I just thought who in the world would buy these
-What advice on swimwear would you give myfashdiary readers? Never try on swimwear with a spot light on top of your head –apply some self tanner on before even going to attempt the whole ordeal of finding the right bikini it makes your body look healthy and more colours will look better on your skin and put you in the mood for summer. Always start your holidays with neutral colours until you have some colour then go for more of the Bright’s  and my favourite is white.
-Some women are put off by white swimsuits. what advice would you give them? White is my favourite swimsuit colour I think if you have a slight tan everyone looks great in white it has to be well lined and a very good fabric so it’s not see through
-What are 3 essentials for the beach? Beach hat as its looks cool but still keeps the sun off-sunglasses-and sun block is based between London and Dubai. Have you ever been to the Middle East or Dubai? What are your impressions of Middle-Eastern fashion? Actually I have been all over the world except for here but I have tons of friends from here and they are always impeccable dressed hair is perfect and have amazing style. I sell my brand very well over there so must have taste ha-ha

-What inspires you? Travelling I get so many ideas I love seeing new cultures and what their bodies and style are like also markets in foreign countries .I was in Istanbul this summer and the grand bazaar was so beyond amazing the colours the jewellery  the creativity is great and so inspiring

-What would you be if you weren’t a designer? A singer but I can’t sing or an actress I love live audiences I need attention

-Favourite fashion city (New York/London/Paris/Milan) or any others? I am from New York and do most of my shopping there as it offers everything including all the European brands and is such a mix of people it’s great

-Do you read any fashion websites or blogs? clearly on and
-Any last words for readers? Dont follow trends always wear what suits your body

-What is next for Melissa Odabash? Where do I begin I am doing a collaboration with julien macdonald-I am designing one off pieces for a well known singer’s tour-launching my ready to wear line –relaunching our e commerce site-etc