Myfashdiary EXCLUSIVELY interviews Fashion Author, BETHANIE LUNN.

December 21
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Fashion Stylist and Presenter, Bethanie Lunn has just come out with the perfect bible for everything fabulous in the UK. It includes A-Z guide on fun things to do, places to go, places to wine/dine/shop and   what to wear. Elle Macpherson is already a fan…. I recently interviewed none other than the author, Bethanie Lunn on the ideas behind the book, style and beauty tips. To purchase the book online, check out!

Hi Bethanie! How did the idea of writing this book begin?
To be a published author is an ambition I’ve held since I wrote her first book, The Green Cat, at the age of seven – a story that was ten pages long (bless). My teacher was so proud, she had it bound.  So I always say, everyone has a book in them but only some have the desire to write one! 
The idea was first triggered during the recession –it has had an effect on every area of our lives and beauty and glamour was one aspect that people felt compelled to cut back on – luxuries had to be the first to go. But that made us all miserable!  I started to trawl the country for great little spots; excellent services, places and products that I road tested and gave honest feedback on, and began to record my finds to share with others. I’m a huge advocate of independent, small businesses; many of which have suffered during the downturn in the economic climate, and those that I’ve fallen in love with, I’ve included and invited others to experience.  One of the biggest gripes I heard when I was researching the book was that people were fed up of everything being so London-centric. I’ve travelled the country to source material, so that there is something for everyone.  I like to think that it’s a lifestyle bible – an independent, honest guide. To get the Fabulous mark of approval, something really has to make the grade. I was constantly getting suggestions and stumbling across fantastic finds, and everything that I felt was outstanding, the last word in fabulousness, is included in the book. It’s the perfect thing to slip into your bag to read on the train or flick through for inspiration – it might just lead you to your new favourite place.
– I love the title ‘The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness’ What are three things that make a girl Fabulous?
Three words- Believe in yourself. Confidence and self-belief make anyone fabulous.  It all starts with YOU and then the rest will follow.
-You’re also a stylist, what would you say is an essential every girl should have?
A LFD (that’s ‘little fabulous dress’) that compliments your figure and is versatile enough for most occasions with just a change of accessories, a luxurious, well cut handbag – this makes a statement and can make an outfit look more luxe in an instant and a killer pair of heels.  Heels make most women feel and look sexier, they don’t have to be sky-high – kitten heels are just as sexy but a slight wiggle in your walk gives you instant va va voom.
-5 items you never leave home without?
A bold lipstick.  I like to express my personality through my choice in make-up and clothing and I love bold lipsticks that make me stand out and add glamour to any outfit.  I could be wearing jeans and a tee but a slick of red lippy will add that extra wow to my look.
My BlackBerry comes with me everywhere, I’m always on the go and often have impromptu press interviews, event invitations and articles to write and this helps me to keep on top of all of that.
My gel cushions.  I teach classes on how to walk in high heels nationwide and one of my tips is to cushion your shoes with gel pads so I’m never without my heel aids. 
I always carry foldable flat pumps with me too for the same reason.  You have to listen to your body and know when enough is enough so, with my love of sky-scrapers, I always remember to give my feet a break and change to flats before the smarting starts.
I always carry a purse of accessories with me including a chunky necklace, chandelier earrings, an eye-catching brooch…you never know when an occasion arises for a glam dress code, so even when I’m out and about, I’m always prepared since accessories are the quick, easy and cost-effective way of changing an outfit from drab to darling in seconds (more tips in my book)!

-A beauty secret to look fab?
Opt for long term beauty solutions that you have done once in minutes but that last weeks, cutting down your beauty routine but keeping you looking your best.  Eyelash extensions, Shellac nail colour and lip-ink all fall into that category.
-Fashion Magazines or Fashion Blogs?
I adore and support both but, although everything is going online today, and before we know it, we’ll be living in a truly virtual reality, there is something more captivating and authentic about holding a glossy magazine in your hands.
-coffee or tea?
Coffee – I gave it up for a while as I found it rather dehydrating but a small Milanese deli and coffee house opened near my home (La Bottega Milanese) where the Italian owner blends his own coffee.  It is some of the best I have ever tasted (and I’ve travelled and tasted the best!), so with one espresso – I was hooked again!  I now learn from the Italians and enjoy a glass of water with my coffee to counteract any dehydrating effects.  The accompanying amaretti biscuit is optional!
 -What is next for Bethanie?
My book and expertise in fashion and beauty has lead to more written and presenting work which I hope to have a lot more of.  I’ve recently been appointed by fashion ecommerce specialists to be their online presenter, stylist and blogger, I’m loving it – Very is a new concept and proving really successful because of their celebrity status, product range and pricing. I’m thrilled to be part of it.
I hope to do as Elle Macpherson says in her testimonial of my book and ‘take my Fabulousness global’, I like the idea of bringing out a Modern Girl’s Guide To Fabulousness in different countries, sharing the best kept secrets and hidden gems in the world to help women everywhere get the best products and services, wherever they are.  Another idea is to expand the range into The Modern Girl’s Guides to…dining out, dating or parenting.
-Last words for myfashdiary readers?
If there is anyone reading this that have a dream but is afraid or dubious to try and make it happen then I’d advise them to never be afraid to try.  I’m not afraid of failure and I make sure that I enjoy the ride along the way plus, if you learn from your mistakes, they’re more like lessons so what’s to lose?  Go for it and don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t do it.