Interview with Kitsch's Half... Racil Chalhoub

September 2
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If your living in Dubai/Beirut & you love Fashion and cupcakes then there’s no doubt you love the Kitsch Concept (The stylish boutique & delish cupcake store!) I recently had the opportunity to sit with the beautiful and uber-stylish Racil Chalhoub (who is one of the two brains behind Kitsch!)

-How did you come up with the Kitsch Concept? (Boutique & Cupcakes!)
My Childhood friend, Dalia Dogmoch and myself were moving to Beirut, we thought about what we would miss the most and thats how we started the Kitsch concept…

-Whilst buying for the boutique, who do you have in mind when buying the stock – who is the Kitsch Woman?
Everything in the boutique consists of pieces I love. The Kitsch Woman is Fashion Forward, different, and knows about style!

-What are the hot brands of the moment?
Hero Crane, Camilla and Marc, and Zimmerman.

-We cant forget about the delicious Kitsch Cupcakes… What is your all time favorite flavour?
everything, ofcourse! But I’ll crave Peanut butter and chocolate everyday!

-What is one piece every woman should have in her wardrobe?
Leather jacket, a good pair of jeans and accessories are key

-What is on your shopping list for A/W’10?
Lots of Black Lace & Leopard print Louboutin Shoeboots!

-What’s next for Racil? Where would you like your next Kitsch store?
Cupcake wise, We now have a store in Abu Dhabi and Kitsch cupcakes are available at all Cinestar Branches (perfect movie snack!)
Fashion wise, I hope to start my own label next year!

Photo Credit: Tinko Czetwertynski for Unfair magazine