Interview with Celebrity Hairstylist... Ben Skervin!

August 4
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Check out the last issue of Vogue Magazine (Karolina Kurkova’s shoot to be exact!) Look out for Marie Claire next month… (hint: its an olsen twin cover shoot!) Love Cat Deeley’s, Madonna’s or Keira Knightely’s hair?? Well, let me introduce you to the Genius behind it all…. Mr. Ben Skervin.
Ben is also Head & Shoulder’s ambassador and has been for the past 4 years.

I recently had the chance to meet Ben when he stopped over in Dubai for a day (… and even got the chance to get my hair done by him!) I sat down to have a chat and get the secret tips of great hair…

I also sat down with Rene, who works on the scientific side with Head and Shoulders and heard about their goals to continue creating the perfect shampoo that takes care of your scalp as well as make your hair look good.

       Hi Ben! How did your interest in Hair Styling begin? 
Ever since I was 7 years old, I always played around with hair – my passion followed with a visit to a hair trade show when I was about 13 years old, and completed a course at 15 years old. I later on met Cat Deeley at MTV… From then on, I started working on pop videos, Album covers and then moved on to Fashion and celebrity hair (He’s been working with Keira Knightly for 7 years!)
       What is the best part of your job?
Traveling – seeing the world! and doing something different every day instead of just sitting in an office.
       You’ve worked with the most talented people in the fashion industry – what was your favorite experience?
Working with Madonna for her play and Bond Video, styling Keira’s hair for the oscars and my first Vogue Cover!
       What hairstyling tip would you give to Myfashdiary readers?
>Foundation is key – good shampoo (recommendation: Head & Shoulders) to take care of your scalp.
> Don’t overstyle. ‘Less is More’
>Take good care of your hair under the sun (Note: Headscarves & Hats)
       What are the must-have hair products out in the market?
A Heat styling cream, and a good hairspray (not much alcohol and not too wet)
       What is the latest fashion hair trend?
>Side Parting (depending on your scalp!)
>Loose soft bun
>Finished & Bouncy hair
       What’s next for Ben Skervin?
I’m flying back to NYC tomorrow – just finished Italian Vogue with Gemma Aterton, Mary-Kate Olsen for Marie Claire’s September issue and Brooke Shields for LOVE magazine. A few jobs scheduled, then off for a holiday trip to LA, South of France and Mykonos!

*Check back for a tutorial with Ben Skervin giving me a look he once did on Keira*