The Gems I've discovered in July 2020

August 2

Illustrations: Design Pickle
I love illustrations, and you might have realized I’ve been using illustrations for my blog features recently. I used to commission an illustrator from Brooklyn for pieces every now and then, but recently discovered Design Pickle. You pay a monthly subscription, and you pretty much get access to your own graphic designer or illustrator for your business or projects. I’ve been using them for the past couple of months, and they’ve done an insane job. Side note, it takes longer for illustrations to be sent back, so expect a slower turn around if you’re going for illustrations.
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Brow : Brau
I realized that when you take good care of your brows, they also become low maintenance. Over a year ago, I made the decision to start going to a dedicated place to get my brows done. That made me grow them out, and a year later, all I really do is apply brow gel and they look bold and fluffy. After asking my readers where they get their brows done, a bunch recommended Brau in Springs Souk that I never heard of before. When things started to open up, I booked in for a brow lamination with Caroline, and also tried Arti for shaping. Highly recommend them for brows, and I’ll be going regularly.
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Workout : Top Stretching
The more strength training that I do, the more flexibility I lose. Flexibility work is crucial to me because it helps with posture but it also comes with a lot of other benefits, which is why I squeeze in Top Stretching once a week – my personal favorite is split school as I do want to get closer to the splits, and I am the tightest on my hips and hamstrings. Flex work helps with avoiding injury, makes you feel lighter and also helps with your posture. Top Stretching currently have two branches – one in Marina and a new one on the Palm.
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Service : Washmen
It did take a while for me to get my washing machine delivered, so in the meantime I had to sort out an alternative. I discovered Washmen from a friend, even though I heard about it when it launched years ago. A UAE-based laundry and dry cleaning service, all via a very simple app. They deliver different colored bags, and depending on the service you need, you fill up that bag. Before my washing machine arrived, I used the blue one, which is a wash and fold bag – you pay AED55 and fill the bag up, they pick up, wash, tumble dry and fold – returned in 2 days. My favorite, is their new bag – the pink Homecare one, which is also AED55 a bag, where they dry clean and steam press, and is made for beddings, towels and linens.
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Food: Cafe Isan in JLT
Three things about me, I love food, I love Thai food and I love finding gems around the world. Having grown up in Dubai, I still find it impressive that I’m still finding restaurants I’ve never heard of. I recently went for lunch at Cafe Isan, a little restaurant with 2-3 tables tucked away in JLT, with authentic Thai food. Side note, I also found out they won Time Out’s best Thai restaurant in 2020. Street food, every thing we ordered was ace – from the chicken satay (and their homemade sauce), the fresh spring rolls to the Pad Thai and the coconut rice we were served with the Chicken Cashew. Make sure to not leave without trying my favorite Thai dessert, their Mango coconut sticky rice. 10/10 for me.
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