Five Favorite Beauty Buys: May 2020

May 27

Cleanser: Barbara Sturm Cleanser
A cleanser is a key product in my skincare regimen, so I rarely actually fall in love with cleansers, and I really look for something effective. I’m over the moon that Barbara Sturm is finally available in the region, and I’ve fallen in love with this cleanser. Been alternating between it, my Dr Lancer cleanser and my IS Clinical one. Love that it’s a light foam, deep cleanses – without overdrying the skin.
Available at Apotheca Beauty

Face Mask: Dior Beauty Dreamskin one minute mask
It’s no secret that Dior Beauty is one of my favorite luxury brands doing beauty. Love the Dreamskin range specifically, because of how it feels on the skin, the glow it gives, and the scent. Started reusing the serum again, and have tried the 1 minute mask recently. I love that it has an AHA peel formula, so powerful that it works in 60 seconds. Dior Beauty now delivers only in the UAE, so you can shop on their e-commerce website.
Shop here

Serum: Skin Laundry Ultra Hydration Boost
My latest discovery has been the Skin Laundry clinic, and I’m obsessed. I’ve been going there for the past few weeks, and had the signature laser, as well as the fractional laser done (this was my favorite). Post fractional laser, my skin gets really dry and I need something to hydrate my skin, without clogging up my pores (my skin is usually oily). Weightless, feels just like water – it comes with a spray and dropper form (I’ve been using the spray). The serum is filled with hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants.
You can find the serum at the Skin Laundry Clinic.

Scalp treatment: Briogeo Scalp Revival
I have been using this product throughout my quarantine, and it has made such a difference. A charcoal and tea tree treatment, I apply it on my scalp right after my shower and towel dry my hair. I have been washing my hair a little less (added an extra day), which was very challenging at first because I used to wash my hair every day – but this has really helped with soothing my scalp, helping with itchiness, and absorbing impurities – truly a game changer.
Available at Sephora

Blush: Fenty Freestyle cream blush
I must say, I would always skip on my blush and just stick to bronzer. In the past year, I started loving blush so much more because it can really wake your face up. I find that a cream blush looks much more natural and blends it much better. Personally, my favorite shade is Petal Poppin.
Available at Sephora

Illustration by Badz from Design Pickle