Interview with Plastic Surgeon to the stars, Dr Andrew Ordon

October 13

One of my favorite clinics, Valiant Clinic introduced Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Centre from the US, and brought in surgeon to the stars, Dr Andrew Ordon (Emmy Award winning  host of ‘The Doctors’) and Dr. David Matlock (from Dr. 90210) for the launch, and will be bringing them back during the year. They also have Dr. Silvian, who’s based in Dubai and recommend for non-invasive procedures. The questions below were from all your submissions on instagram.

What BHSSCI treatments do you recommend to get rid of stretch marks? 
Stretch marks are basically scars in the dermis. There is no definitive treatment, but Cellfina and other massage techniques may present temporary improvement. Skin tightening procedures such as abdominoplasty and breast augmentation and lifting will definitely help. Fractional CO2 Laser may help but may be problematic for olive skin tones.

What are the top 3 surgeries/procedures in Hollywood at the moment? 
The top 3 in Hollywood are mini facelifts with fat transfer to the face, High Def Vasar Liposuction for the body, and fat transfer to Face, Butt and Breasts.

What BHSSCI treatments can you do for a sagging face, instead of a face lift?
Non major surgery options for the face are High Def Vasar tightening, Fat transfer to face, and PROFOUND skin tightening which is available at BHSSCI.

What BHSSCI options do you recommend for a subtle butt lift?
For a subtle butt lift, I definitely recommend High Def Vasar tightening with low volume fat transfer. That’s a great option!

What are the best preventable for ageing?
To prevent ageing, the best things you can do is to lead a healthy lifestyle, protect yourself from the sun, and get on a good skin care routine.

What are the new treatments on the market we should be keeping an eye on? 
Treatments to keep an eye out for is the PROFOUND, which is a noninvasive skin tightening treatment and PRP injections for skin care wrinkles and glowing skin.

What research should one be doing when finding a plastic surgeon? What questions should we be asking?
In choosing a Plastic Surgeon, make sure has the proper credentials and experience, does the procedure you are interested, see his work and make sure you are comfortable with him.