Restaurant Review: Roberto’s, Dubai

January 26

Myfashdiary's Rating


Food 10

Service 10

Atmosphere 9

Originality 8

Ideal for… a guaranteed winning date spot
Restaurant name and location: Roberto’s, DIFC in Dubai
Cuisine: Italian
Atmosphere: Lively, yet still quite private. Roberto’s is one of those places that has been consistently a great restaurant for food, atmosphere and service.
What they say: Roberto’s is the passion project of Mustafa Turgul, Executive Chef Andrea Mugavero, and Skelmore Hospitality who sought to feed Dubai’s discerning gourmets’ desire for an authentic, thoughtful and contemporary Italian fine dining experience.
Our world-class team blends an admirably Roman devotion to food with Venetian hospitality and Milanese flair resulting in a unique and homegrown reinterpretation of Italian cuisine that we are proud to share with our city.

What to order:
-Bresaola: One of the best in the city – I always make sure to order it with the burrata (which is creamy and melts in your mouth)
-Pasta:  Their pasta and pizza are freshly made, so you really can’t go wrong.
-Fondant: Gluten free, delicious and comes with a side of almond ice cream.
-Frutti di Bosco: New favorite dessert at Roberto’s, mixed berries with yogurt sauce and raspberry ice cream.

Service: Ace service – you can’t really beat Roberto’s service.

What I loved:
-Roberto’s is one of those fail safe options – always a good one to recommend or to take someone out to impress.
-The consistency – sadly in Dubai, a lot of places aren’t consistent with service, food and atmosphere. Roberto’s is one of the few restaurants that has been the same since it opened.

Bill for two: AED500

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