Restaurant Review: Bait Maryam, Dubai

January 18

Myfashdiary's Rating


Food 9.5

Service 8

Atmosphere 8

Originality 10

Ideal for… really good home cooked Arabic food in Dubai
Restaurant name and location: Bait Maryam, JLT Cluster D
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Atmosphere: A family affair – you really feel that once you enter. Cosy, and feels like you’re entering an Arab home. Owned by a mother and daughter – the restaurant is named after the late grandmother with most of the recipe’s being hers as well (the vintage sewing machine is hers too)
What they say: Bait Maryam boasts itself in delivering the authentic Levant tastes from the divine lands of “Belad Al Sham” to the modern and cosmopolitan city of Dubai.
The original and forgotten tastes of our ancestors plays a big role in the development of Bait Maryam. We crave to bring back the sweet aroma of “Belad Al Sham”, especially when we are taken back by Fairouz’s charming verses of the sacred lands… “Ya Sneen Ely Rahet….Erja3ily”, which figuratively means “bring back the lost years”.

Our concept is to entail the idea of sitting at home in your most comfortable pants, listening to your most sentimental song of home while indulging in your most desired home-cooked dish; following that with a perfectly-made Turkish coffee and an exquisite Arabic dessert such as “Halawat El Jeben”. Bait Maryam wants to take this entire imagination and turn it into a reality.
Bait Maryam incites the concept that “our home is your home”.

What to order:
-Tabbouleh: I’m not usually the biggest fan of tabbouleh but this one is delicious and super fresh.
-The fatteh is highly recommended – and she has a range of different kinds (the msukhan one is delicious)
-Maryam’s Kebab: a little different to your typical kebabs, those ones are stuffed with cheese and pistachio.
-Maryam’s Fukhara

Service: Perfect – truly felt like I was eating at my grandma’s home.

What I loved:
-The lemonade was out of this world. Fresh and comes with orange blossom. I had one with my food and one take away.

Bill for two: AED180

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