Treatments to Try: scalp treatment, and late night pampering.

August 2

What: Aveda Scalp treatment at the Aveda salon in Galleria Mall
The atmosphere: Aveda now have two salons in Dubai – but it’s always a treat coming in to the flagship one in Galleria Mall. I booked in for the detox treatment, which is great for removing build up (and also has salicylic acid included)
The experience: I’m a big hair treatment junkie – when it comes to treatments, I like doing hydrating ones for my ends (especially as I color my hair regularly) and scalp treatments (which helps with eliminating build ups from products and keeping the scalp clean – which helps with avoiding hair loss. Something I really love about Aveda experiences are the Sensory journey before every treatment – Suzette gave me a short shoulder massage as well as a hand massage whilst getting washed. The salon product was mixed by my stylist, and was then applied in sections to the roots – before it was massaged for 10 minutes, and then washed right away.
Final note and results: My scalp felt squeaky clean – it was great getting all the build up (I love dry shampoo) off the hair – especially as I had the treatment done in the midst of summer.
Recommended therapist: Lienne
Cost: AED200
Extra notes:
-my stylist, Lienne recommends the treatment once a month.
Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Revlite laser at Bloom clinic
The atmosphere: Based in Jumerah, Bloom Clinic really has an extensive treatment list compared to other clinics. I booked in to try the Revlite laser – which can be done on both the face and body.
The experience: I don’t really touch wax anymore – and have been using laser when it comes to hair for years now – easy, saves a lot of time and feels a lot cleaner.
As you shave the hair before lasering, doing it on baby hair can stimulate the growth of hair so I wouldn’t recommend doing it in places where the hair is quite fine. I tried Revilite at Bloom and really liked the fact that it bleaches the hair (very different to chemical bleaching) and then allows the hair to fall two weeks later
Final note and results: The experience is quite comfortable – not much pain, the laser just feels like little rubber band snaps but personally it was more itchy than painful. The results are pretty incredible because not only does it do the job you
want, it also helps with removing pigmentation.
Recommended therapist: Russel
Cost: Depending on the area – but around AED500 a session
Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Late night spa treatment at Chi Spa, Shangri La Hotel
The atmosphere: A lot of times fitting in a spa treatment during a very busy time is highly impossible because of the time you actually get back home from work. I was so excited to hear about Shangri La Hotel on Sheikh Zayed offering a drift away massage and facial between 9pm-midnight
The experience: My treatment started with a foot soak before starting my 60 minute aromatherapy massage. The only thing I wasn’t too happy about was the fact that it felt like the spa was actually closed – post treatment was self service, the Ginger teapot was empty – and it was pretty impossible to find anyone at the spa to fill it up.
Final note and results: The treatment itself was incredibly relaxing, and I loved the fact that there was an option late at night.
Recommended therapist: Irma
Cost: AED480
Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Dental hygiene at Cocoona
The atmosphere: Based in Jumerah by Umm Suqeim on Al Wasl Road, Cocoona is home to what a larger clinic would have – a dermatology department, a dental department all the way to hair transplant and surgery rooms. The spa/clinic is spread between 3 villas.
The experience: I booked in for a dental hygiene, which I try to do twice a year (according to my dentist, Dr Inas – once a year is good enough). After getting a full dental check up, Dr Inas started with an ultrasonic scaling (which removes calculus) before moving on the manual scaling (which a lot of dentists don’t do anymore – but Dr Inas prefers to do that – to make sure everything is clean). She ends with polishing as the finishing procedure.
Final note and results: Love the feeling of freshly cleaned teeth, and it always gives me a great jumpstart to flossing. I consider dental hygienes just as important as facials etc – and one that we tend to forget.
Recommended dentist: Dr Inas – the staff including the male nurse were super sweet.
Cost: AED500
Recommended rating: 8/10

What: Elixir hair treatment at The White Room Spa
The atmosphere: The White Room have several branches from Marina, JLT, Motor City to Ibn Batuta -I recently visited their new express salon at Ibn Batuta (in the new section), which is really pretty and during the weekday mornings – nice
and empty.
The experience: A Lebanese hairstylist once told me that I need to come in for an incredible hair treatment. As a beauty junkie, I obviously wanted to know what that is – and according to him, who had both – raved that it was
better than Olaplex. I recently booked myself at The White Room for an Elxir treatment (which comes form the Amazon.right after a long flight. The Elixir comes in mini bottles, where my therapist mixes it with water – and after giving my hair a wash with shampoo, applies it all over in sections, before keeping it in the hair for half an hour with a shower cap. Once the time was up, she massaged it in, before washing it out and blow drying.
Final note and results: My hair felt good, but not as good as after Olaplex. I’d probably recommend this more for dry hair over colored hair.
Recommended therapist: It’s an express salon so I would get anyone to apply it and rough dry the hair rather than getting an actual hairstyle at The White Room.
Cost: AED250 with a blow dry
Recommended rating: 7/10