Treatments to Try: Traditional Thai massage, all natural hair treatment and a Kundalini massage

April 23

What: Traditional Thai massage at Softouch Spa, Kempinski Mall of the Emirates
The atmosphere: I must say I’ve been to a lot of spas and have had a lot of spa treatments done – I rarely ever leave one thinking I definitely want to come back soon. Everything about the spa, therapist, flexibility to the treatment definitely makes me want to come back. The spa itself is 24 hours (which I love) and they were very flexible when it came to time. As soon as I arrived, I was given a consultation form and a towel before heading to my treatment room around 7 minutes later.
The experience: The traditional Thai massages are done over a traditional top and bottom set (not many spas here do it the traditional way), as a dry massage (which I personally love as I can go out right
away and not have to worry about the oil) – Softouch did everything the traditional way, which is lovely. It consisted of strong acupressure (which is great for aching/stiff muscles) as well as yoga postures and
Final note and results: Finishing off with a cup of ginger tea, it truly was one of my favorite massages – and would consider Arma as one of my favorite therapists to date. Highly recommended.
Recommended therapist: Arma
Cost: AED550
Recommended rating: 10/10

What: Kundalini massage at the Palazzo Versace Spa
The atmosphere: There are so many hotels in Dubai, it’s very easy to forget about them. The only other time I visited the Palazzo Versace hotel was during a work event and I’ve stayed at the one in the Gold Coast, Australia. Opulent – and very Versace with Medusa heads all over, it’s also quite Arabian. For a grand hotel, it was very personal too. The spa was pleasantly minimal for a Versace spa, yet still had their logos around.
The experience: As soon as I entered, I was offered a welcome water and hot towel. I’ve never tried a Kundalini massage, so it was great to try something new. If you’re not familiar with Kundalini, it’s the life force energy that lies in the spine.
A meditation treatment over just a typical spa treatment, the massage took 75 minutes where my therapist used a floral oil to massage to the beats of the music and to the 7 chakras using soft to medium pressure.
Final note and results: Relaxed, and it’s always lovely leaving with a new experience, especially as I’m someone that enjoys meditation. What’s lovelier than a spa treatment whilst meditating?
Recommended therapist: Amita
Cost: AED550
Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Enrich yourself at the Raffles Hotel Spa
The atmosphere: The Raffles hotel spa is quite simple and understated – one of the very few luxury hotel spa’s on that end of town – in the Oud Metha area.
The experience: The Enrich yourself treatment started off with a full body sea salt and coffee scrub (from the UK brand – Aromatherapy Associates) – the coffee with the sea salt not only helps with removing dead skin cells, but the caffeine does help with cellulite as well. I was then asked to take a quick shower to remove the scrub, the treatment ended with a full body massage using body butter and oil
(avocado oil and ylang ylang)
Final note and results: I felt relaxed, energized, soft and hydrated (the oil and butter mixed together really helps with dehydrated skin)
Recommended therapist: Sari
Cost: AED749
Recommended rating: 8/10

What: An all natural hair treatment at BlowOut Bar on the Palm
The atmosphere: Based on the Palm, discovered BlowOut Bar late 2016 and must say, I got some of the best beach waves there. I recently found out they offer all natural hair treatments, I decided to give it a try as it always seemed like such a
mess to get at home. Upon consultation with my stylist, she mixed two different masks. One on the ends and a different one on the roots. Mixing them at the bar, they literally use fresh and all natural ingredients depending on your hair needs.
The experience: For the roots, my stylist mixed tea tree oil and jojoba oil to help with oily roots – and greek yogurt, glycerin oil and coconut oil for my ends as they were quite dry because of the color.
Final note and results: After leaving it on the hair without any heat, my hair was then washed and dried. My hair felt very fresh and soft – I was also told you really see the difference when you do them regularly for the first month or two.
Cost: Hair treatment was AED130 and the blow dry was AED140
Recommended rating: 9/10