A Healthy Guide to Deliveroo

April 24

As promised, here’s my guide to my favorite & the healthiest choices I love on Deliveroo. I’m constantly traveling so once I’m back in Dubai, I like to eat as healthy as possible. Due to always having the busiest and tightest schedules, it’s nearly impossible to cook food so I have to rely on healthy food deliveries.

I rarely use apps to order food – but have been using Deliver since it launched in Dubai. I love the fact that it’s so user friendly, it curates options based on your location with a great list of options (sometimes, ones I never knew were closeby), it tags the ones that have healthy options, or by their cuisines. Lastly, I love how fast and easy it is to use – I literally can take 3 minutes to order my food, and not pay anything to the driver (cashless) and keeps you updated on your food and driver. It usually takes around half an hour from when I actually order.

-Poke Poke:
I’ve been hearing so much about Poke Poke – the Hawaiian dish phenomenon and I only got round to trying it through deliveroo. If you love seafood, it’s going to be heaven for you. If not (like me), the chicken option is genius (especially as you usually don’t get it at other poke places). You pretty much get to build your own bowl – and have the option from 3 sizes. My favorite things to add are spicy cashews, avocado, mango, white sushi rice and truffle yuzu ponzu.

-Wild & the Moon:
If you love the whole healthy dishes coming up like the Acai bowl, Avocado toast, matcha bowls and pressed juices – you will love Wild and the Moon (Parisian based).

-Lime Tree Cafe & Kitchen:
Always a classic, with some of the most delicious salads – they have great breakfast options as well as a range of salads they change regularly.

-Chez Sushi:
One of my favorite options for a quick and healthy lunch – Chez Sushi do serve some of the best sushi in the city for takeouts, the gourmet feel translates into it’s prices. I usually tend to go for a sushi dish like California and pair it with an appetizer or salad like the seaweed salad.

-Cafe Bateel & Circle Cafe
Whenever I’m craving a salad for a main course, those are two favorites I fall back to – and if I’m feeling naughty, I add a plate of sweet potato fries from Circle Cafe.

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