Treatments to try: Snow white manicure, a lemon ginger scrub & the Footlogix treatment

February 22

What: Snow white treatment at Soh
The atmosphere: Whenever any of my friends visit from abroad and want a beauty experience – I send them to Soh. It truly is an experience. They recently launched their Snow White nail treatment, which I was excited for (I live for Disney Princesses!)
The experience: The treatment starts like any SOH treatment, a sensory experience and a complimentary mini massage before the treatment begins. Something I love about the treatments at Soh, are the ornaments that are set up to let you live the experience. Alongside the traditional pedi steps (cuticle work, shaping, cleaning etc), the foot soak is a mix of hot water with a mist, and ice at the bottom to really help circulate the blood (perfect for puffy skin), as well as soften – before a brightening scrub by BCL is used and ended with a mask and massage.
Final note and results: I love those treatments as gifts, because you get your nails done, whilst experiencing something different to what you’ve done before. The Snow white treatment is great for brightening, as well as helps with blood circulation.
Recommended therapist: Simona
Cost: AED220 for the pedi and AED180 for the mani
Recommended rating: 9.5/10

What: Footlogix treatment at Tips and Toes
The atmosphere: When it comes to beauty lounges, Tips and Toes is considered one of the largest groups – and their main flagship (my personal favorite) is always quite busy. As soon as I entered, I was taken to my chair to start the new Footlogix treatment alongside a pedicure and a shoulder massage.
The experience: This is great for girls that wear a lot of heels, and have cracked heels. The treatment by the brand Footlogix uses pharmaceutical ingredients. The treatment starts with a pH balanced gentle foot soak to soften the calluses and remove any bacteria, before the feet are exfoliated with a seaweed scrub (the main ingredient is micro algae). The magic product, the Footlogix spray is then used on the calluses and wrapped – this slightly burns and penetrates into the skin to really soften before it’s scrubbed off (my skin was insanely soft post the spray). Lastly the treatment ends with a DD cream mousse to hydrate and smooth the skin.
Final note and results: I must say, I’ve tried a large amount of callus treatments, and this by far wins as one of my favorites.
Recommended therapist: Jennifer for the treatment and Chona for the massage
Cost: AED155
Recommended rating: 9.5/10

What: Elemis scrub treatment at Shine Spa, Sheraton MOE
The atmosphere: The Sheraton MOE is attached to Mall of the Emirates and the spa is small, yet straight to the point.
The experience: As soon as I entered, I filled out a consultation form and headed to the changing room to change into my slippers, towel and disposable underwear before before being led to the treatment room. The treatment started with a lemon and ginger scrub from Elemis – which my therapist, Jean used to scrub my full body for an hour. Once that was done, I took a bath without any shower gel and it ended with a 30 minute massage on my tense area which she felt whilst she was scrubbing – my back.
Final note and results: I felt incredibly relaxed post treatment – my skin felt so soft and hydrated. I ended my spa day with a cup of chamomile tea, nuts and dates in the relaxation room.
Recommended therapist: Jean
Cost: AED600
Recommended rating: 8.5/10

What: Milk and Almond manicure at Sugar Beauty Lounge
The atmosphere: The salon has recently gone through renovation, and came out with a lot more of minimal and cleaner look of a salon at the Mall of the Emirates branch.
The experience: I LOVE the scent of almonds and sweet almond oil, so I was pretty excited for this treatment. The treatment started with a milk and almond bath for both my feet and hands (the bath included ingredients like jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and Vitamin E. I then got the typical mani treatment – shaping, cleaning and cuticle work. The next step was the scrub, which smelt delicious – it was a mix of refined sugar, sweet almond oil and mineral salt. The last step was the shimmering mask which was applied on the hands and feet – as well as the arms and legs before being cling wrapped and then had a hot towel applied over (not sure if I like this over the mittens because I did get cold after a few minutes). Once that was done, the polish is applied (they do have a vast range including Essie, OPI, and CND.
Final note and results: I love getting cute little mani pedi treatments when I like pampering myself. This was lovely, smelt so good and was quite relaxing.
Recommended therapist: Aina & Emily
Cost: AED125 for hands and AED140 for feet
Extra notes: Everything smelt so good! I would buy the scrub and mask if I could.
Recommended rating: 8/10