Restaurant Review: Mazaher, Dubai

February 14

Ideal for… an exceptional Arabic restaurant in the Trade Centre area.
Restaurant name and location: Mazaher, Dubai
Cuisine: Lebanese/Arabic
Atmosphere: As the restaurant is in the Trade Centre, it attracts people working in the area during the weekdays, and I was quite impressed to see a large percentage of locals dining at the restaurant.
What they say: Mazaher is a vibrant venue, where guests can enjoy a full Lebanese experience in both a glamorous restaurant setting and relaxed café environment. Founded in 2016 by Sunset Group.
Mazaher encapsulates the timeless elegance of Lebanon, the vibrant ambience is masterfully blended with culinary offerings designed to adhere to every connoisseur’s palate. This elegantly designed dining area is the perfect backdrop to enjoy a true taste of the Levant, with a menu that showcases authentic Lebanese cuisine ranging from the simple to the sublime.

What to order:
-Mazaher rocca salad (rocket, beetroot, walnuts, sliced orange)
-Mazaher hommos (dry figs, walnuts)
-Moajanet mshakale (The cheese sambousek were the best)
-Mixed grill (Not too big, with good variety)
-Rice Pudding (This was hands down, the best rice pudding I’ve had, it’s made with a generous amount of orange blossom water)
-Ghazle and Arabic Ice cream (my favorite Lebanese/Syrian dessert, I would come back just to have this!)

Service: Minus the hostess at the door, the service was great.

What I loved:
-Whenever I’ve attended events in the Trade Centre, I never have good meals, so this is perfect. It’s great for people who work in the area.
-The twists on some of my favorite dishes, and the generous use of Mazaher (orange blossom water) in their desserts.
-Everything was freshly made, which we could really taste.
-The descriptions in English were very helpful under each dish in the menu, so we knew exactly what we were getting.
-I always worry about parking at the Trade Centre, but diners get a stamp for the valet parking.

Bill for two: AED350

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