Treatments to Try: Russian Layering, a natural hair treatment & the best Reflexology

May 12

What: Chocolate Indulgence treatment package at The Spa of The Address Montgomerie Dubai
The atmosphere: I’ve been to a few of the Address Spa’s, but not this one before. It’s a hidden spot in the golf club in Emirates Hills – great if you live around the area and want The Address’s luxury spa experience. Most of the people within the changing rooms looked like they were there after a game of golf. One thing I really loved, is the fact that the spa smells beautiful – smells like white florals and gardenia.
The experience: For the month of April and May, The Address Montgomerie are offering an exciting chocolate package, which includes a 30 minute chocolate scrub and a 60 minute chocolate coffee hot stone massage. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by the lovely ladies at the desk, filled up a consultation form with a chilled towel and apple juice. I was scrubbed by a lovely sea salt and chocolate scrub, before getting a relaxing coffee and chocolate oil massage.
Final note and results: I left relaxed, with super soft skin – and smelling of chocolates (in a nice way, it has this beautiful scent that is still quite subtle. My treatment ended with a bamboo snow white tea with a side of snacks – walnut, dates and dried apricots.
Recommended therapist: Chanti (a therapist from Bali)
Cost: AED525
Extra notes:
-The bed was a little stiff, but I liked the fact that they trap the scent under the bed so I really got to inhale the eucalyptus throughout the treatment. It made up for the bed!
Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Russian Layering Eyelash extensions at Sisters Beauty Lounge
The atmosphere: Even though the location is not my favorite, I’m in love with the new Sisters beauty lounge – super chic, pretty and feels ultra luxurious. There’s a lashes section with sheer dividers and cosy beds!
The experience: After I arrived (had to wait for a bit, grr), I was taken to the lash area. After a quick consultation with Vanessa on the length, thickness and style I wanted, I made myself comfortable and had the cosiest duvet over me; so cosy that I literally passed out for the hour and a half, which was incredible, and I got to catch up on sleep!
Final note and results: I was impressed with how fast the session was, it usually takes me an hour and a half for refills, so I can’t even imagine how quick a refill would be (Vanessa promised me 45 mins!). I was very happy with how natural they looked, yet still opened my eyes thanks to the curl. I never had an issue with the lashes criss-crossing or getting clumpy, which I absolutely loved.
Recommended therapist: Vanessa / Jeralyn
Cost: AED750
Extra notes:
-Sisters Beauty lounge are the distributors for Lash Perfect so they’re the ones that supply to all other salons, so you can imagine how ultra-trained their therapists are!
-For those of you who aren’t familiar with the treatment, Russian Layering is a 3D concept which uses soft, ultra-fine lashes so 3 lashes are added to each lash, and are lighter than the individuals.
Recommended rating: 9.5/10

What: Alterna Haircare Caviar RX hair treatment at The Glam Bar
The atmosphere: Based in J3 mall, the newly opened Glam Bar, is a hidden gem with two salon seats.
The experience: I loved the whole experience, from the cosy feel to the all natural beauty products. Alexis, the owner and Alterna’s ambassador, is so passionate about all-natural products that she uses porcelain instead of plastic bowls for coloring and uses Kure Bazaar, a chemical-free nail range. They also serve Chinese tea in the prettiest glass teapot, which is such a lovely experience. My Caviar RX reconstructing treatment started off with a pre-shampoo, followed by the shampoo and then a mask (mixed with pure omega 3 oil), which the therapist massaged into my scalp, and then left it in a shower cap for 20 minutes (they don’t use heat for any of the treatments)
Final note and results: This was my first hair wash since my color and my hair drank in all the moisture from the treatment, and it felt amazing. I also fell in love with the rapid repair spray, which she finished off after using the CC cream on my hair. I didn’t style it, to really feel the difference.
Recommended therapist: Alexis
Cost: The treatment costs AED70 and the blow dry costs AED120
Extra notes:
-This is great for people that are careful about what goes into their beauty products. Alterna Haircare is a natural haircare brand, sans the sulfates and paragons.
Recommended rating: 9.5/10

What: Reflexology at the Heavenly Spa, Westin Hotel
The atmosphere: I loved how quiet the spa was and how lovely the staff were. Even though I arrived 5 minutes late, I was  greeted normally and served a small glass of chilled apple juice with a refreshing towel. Everything was straight to the point!
The experience: I must say, this was one of the best reflexology treatments I’ve had. My therapist, Sheron from South Africa, was so lovely that even though they usually do reflexology session in the treatment rooms, she agreed to do mine sitting down, and had no problem moving me to the mani/pedi room for mine. (The oil is also no-fuss; she either uses grapeseed or white seed)
Final note and results: My hour of foot reflexology (which can painful on some parts of the foot – but I love it when it’s deep!) was a lovely and incredible mid-day treatment that helped end the rest of my day with a bang. Before leaving, I was served some tea and dark chocolate (yum!)
Recommended therapist: Sheron
Cost: I used the Entertainer Body app to book this appointment, and highly recommend the app for anyone who loves their beauty and pampering appointments! It’s filled with great treatments at fab spas where you get to buy one treatment and get the next one free.
Recommended rating: 10/10

What: Teeth Hygiene with Dr Sofia at Euromed Clinic
The atmosphere: Euromed is a clinic with a variety of doctors where you can get everything from your cosmetic and skin treatments, to teeth cleanings and gyno checkups, and I especially love the fact that they also have a dentist.
The experience: Dr Sofia is super sweet and bubbly, and goes out of her way to educate you about everything so you really know what you’re getting done, and whether when doing your own inspections, whether something is urgent or can be delayed. In short, I appreciate a doctor that is straight to the point without throwing in hidden treatments. I like to get a teeth facial (as I like to call it) twice a year to really deep clean my teeth. Even though it’s not painful at all, Dr Sofia uses a Xylocaine spray to numb you up to avoid any discomfort. The 30-minute treatment includes ultrasound technology (cleaning using waves and water) before using scalers, a hand instrument to remove everything lurking underneath the gums, and ends with my favorite part (but you will get salt everywhere), Prophy, which is a strong spray of what is pretty much baking soda to polish and brighten.
Final note and results: My teeth felt super clean and my mouth felt refreshed. I love getting oral hygiene treatments because it takes me to square one and pushes me to want to floss more.
Cost: Starting at AED500
Recommended rating: 9.5/10