Exclusive interview with Anastasia Beverly Hills

April 30

Anastasia needs no introduction. She is the queen of brows and has done everyone from Naomi and Cindy to J.Lo before starting up her cult brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’m shocked the brand has only come down to the UAE, but it did sell out the day it launched. When Anastasia was in town, I had the chance to sit down and interview her, as well as get some first-hand art on me by getting my eyebrows done by Anastasia herself, as well as some contouring. We spoke about the region, contouring and brows…

The collection is available at Sephora Middle East

Hi Anastasia, How does it feel to be in Dubai? Is it your first time?

I’m so honored and excited to be in this beautiful city! I’ve never been here before, but I’ve wanted to come for the longest time. Dubai has such an incredible mix of modern and traditional elements. It’s very inspiring to me.

How did you get into the beauty world? 

It was a chain of events, really. Growing up in Romania, my parents owned a clothing atelier. My mother worked six days a week, and on Sundays (her only day off), she’d take me with her to the beauty salon. I’d watch with fascination as she got her hair, nails, and facials done before going to dinner parties. Later, in school, I studied art and drawing. My teacher introduced me to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Golden Proportions, and I learned how the slightest change in the shape of a person’s brows could change the entire expression in a portrait. A few years later, I had the opportunity to move to America. Since I didn’t speak English, I decided to go to beauty school first and try to work as an esthetician. When we landed in Beverly Hills, I got a job at a salon, and my first client was Cindy Crawford! I convinced her to let me do her brows, and,well, the rest is history!

How important are good eyebrows?

They are incredibly important. Brows are a frame that put the rest of your features into focus. Perfectly-shaped brows can make your entire face appear symmetrical and proportionate.

What makes a good eyebrow shape?

There are three points to perfect brows: a beginning, a tail, and the highest point of the arch, according to my Golden Ratio method. Brows should begin directly above the middle of your nostrils. The highest point of the arch should connect the tip of the nose with the middle of the iris. Brows should end where the corner of the nostril connects with the outer corner of the eye.

What made you want to expand your beauty range? 

The Golden Ratio method is the backbone of my brand. Brows are the foundation of Anastasia Beverly Hills, and the next natural step was the face. We launched our Contour Kit to give women a way to enhance their bone structure and create symmetrical and balanced features. By using light and shadow, you can make your cheekbones look higher or your nose look slimmer. Lip and eye color was the next natural extension. You can use our shadows, which have eight different finishes, to give your eyes depth and dimension. The same goes for lips. Our colors work together to accentuate and enhance your unique features. It’s all about using a full range of makeup to achieve your best self. That’s why we now have brow products, concealers, Contour Kits, shadows, and lip products.

I love your contour kit. What tips can you give women for contouring?

Think about light and shadow, and where light naturally hits your face. I like to apply highlight to the tops of the cheekbones, the middle of the forehead, down the center of the nose, and a little on the center of the chin. I apply contour under the cheekbones and down the sides of the nose. Then blend, blend, blend. Our Youtube channel is filled with tutorials for contouring fair, light, and deep skin tones using our Contour Cream Kit. Go check it out!

I’ve seen that you have introduced highlighters – what are your strobing tips?

Illuminators are super-finely milled, so they look dewy and wet when you apply them on your complexion. And, they stay put, which is great if you’re planning to dance the night away! After prepping skin with the right foundation and concealer for your skin type, apply Illuminator to the apples of your cheek, the cupid’s bow, the middle of the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose, the brow bones, and just above your browbones, just where light naturally falls.

What are you currently working on?

We have a lot of exciting things coming down the pipe! Without revealing too much, you can expect lots more eye and lip color, and a few brow products as well! Follow us on our social media outlets (@abhcosmetics on Twitter, FB, and Snapchat and @anastasiabeverlyhills on Instagram) to hear the latest news about our launches!