Where to shop Fitness: Sun & Sand Sports

April 28
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I’m sure anyone in Dubai will agree that Sun & Sand Sports sounds like the most obvious place to buy general fitness wear. As I really do like to buy chic pieces for the gym, I only ever used to shop there for fitness gear but buy the fashion-forward apparel online. This is why I was so excited to hear about the new athleisure wear direction they have gone with for their ecommerce offering, with a wide range of brands for different kinds of workouts (from crossfit to pilates, and all the way to aerial yoga). They sell a range of chic brands like Michi, as well as exclusive ones such as Bodyism, Human Performance Engineering and Varley – sourced from London and LA.

I styled up a look using pieces from whilst doing a few of my favorite workouts, including TRX training and Aerial Yoga. I’m wearing leggings by Bodyism, a vest by Varley and a top by Varley – all available at Sun & Sand Sports online (click on each item for the direct link)

Personally, I tend to invest in my fitness wear because it looks good, as well as feeling quite good on (pulling everything together and also feeling comfortable). It’s also important that anything I buy lasts a while – I have been wearing things I bought from Michi years ago, and they still feel new. They’re also quite chic, so they’re perfect for post workout coffee or lunches, and running errands. I also believe that if you love what you’re wearing, you’re going to be more motivated to work out as well as feel good and confident in class.

The ecommerce store has also added some cool new swimwear brands in time for the summer, such as Duskii, and for the training enthusiasts, Gymshark is a brand that features a range of performance-driven apparel with a range of innovative technologies that motivate you throughout your training sessions.

For more details, and to shop, click here