Brunch recommendations for 2016

April 17

Restaurant Review: Jean Georges, Dubai
Ideal for… an elegant brunch
Restaurant name and location: Jean Georges, Four Seasons Dubai
Cuisine: The brunch menu includes your typical pancakes, waffles, and eggs benedict dishes prepared with the Jean Georges twist, as well as other items like a chicken burger, and the shakshouka.
Atmosphere: Designed by Philippe Starck, the space is really beautiful, with gorgeous lighting. The restaurant is large, but feels quite cozy at the same time. It does get quite busy on weekends with an upscale crowd, so make sure you book a table in advance! The restaurant is split into two sections: the Dining Room, the fancier part, and the Kitchen, where the brunch takes place (I love the open kitchen!)
What they say: JG Kitchen, a casually chic café, Jean-Georges presents a relaxed collection of internationally-influenced dishes.  The Gwenael Nicolas designed restaurant – adorned with wood, stone and white shells, showcases an exhibition-style open kitchen and contemporary chandelier of flowing white fabric, created by Japanese fabric artist, Reiko Sudoh. Along a curved glass wall, the luxe lounge offers landscaped views of the terrace.
What to order:
-Lavender Lemonade – the lavender is not overpowering at all, and the drink is very refreshing
-Shakshouka – a different option to your typical egg order, this dish comes with peppers and a hint of saffron
-Eggs Benedict with Turkey Ham – this is light for an eggs benedict dish — which is always a nice surprise — and is served with potatoes on the side
-Buttermilk pancakes – served with berries and sliced bananas. While these don’t win as my favorite pancakes in Dubai, they are still really good
-Waffles with caramelized banana – if you want a different option to pancakes, this is one to try.
Service: I was really happy with the service – Thet, our waitress was lovely and on top of it!
What I loved:
-The bread on the table: freshly baked, doughy and delicious. They aren’t stingy with giving you a new basket when it’s nearly done. Make sure you keep space for the actual food though!
-I’m so picky with my lattes, and this one was just perfect. I would have come back just to have a latte.
Bill for two: AED150
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Restaurant Review: Sho Cho’s Little Tea Party brunch
Ideal for… an Alice in Wonderland themed brunch
Restaurant name and location: Sho Cho, Dubai Marine
Cuisine: Japanese
Atmosphere: As the brunch was very new when I checked it out, so only 4 tables were occupied.
What they say: The Little Tea Party brunch is the the newest brunch in town from the Vibe Series crew, launched on Friday 25th September at Sho Cho, Dubai Marine Beach Resort.
Unlike any other brunch The Little Tea Party will add a creative spin on your regular brunch, hoping to attract large groups of brunchers by providing a perfect playful and unique setting with all wonderland trimmings.
What to order:
All 3 courses are brought to your table. Starters included edamame, calamari salad (this is absolutely delicious) and seaweed salad, before moving on to the maki rolls and main courses – my favorites were the beef teriyaki and rock shrimp (they make some of the best). I ended the meal with ginger and green tea ice cream and a selection of fresh fruit.
Service: There seemed to be a miscommunication between our waiter and the chef with some of our requests but, to be fair, the waiters were very polite so we were happy to let that go.
What I loved:
-The Alice in Wonderland theme! There’s nothing more fun than an adult twist on a Disney theme.
Bill for one:
-AED 250 for brunch + 5 alcoholic drinks
-AED 175 for brunch + beverages
-Face card: AED 220 for brunch + 5 alcoholic drinks
-Face card: AED 150 for brunch + beverages
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Restaurant Review: Gossip Cafe & Desserts, Dubai

Ideal for… Desserts
Restaurant name and location: Gossip Cafe & Desserts in BoxPark, Dubai
Cuisine: Breakfast, lunch and desserts
Atmosphere: Even though we were there on a Saturday, it was actually very quiet.
What they say: We run a busy, stylish life. GOSSIP The Brand is a multi-concept, 100% Emirati approach that personifies a lifestyle. We cater to all needs, from a chic, urban café that serves only the most delectable cuisine, to our new consultancy arm where we endeavor to make your event extraordinary – GOSSIP delivers only the best. We believe in great causes, intellectual thought and are proud to belong to an Emirati society of ethics, ambition and creative thinking.

GOSSIP is expanding. Our sight is set on being fashionable and forward thinking. With our future introduction of GOSSIP Style, we endeavor to bring the synonymous luxurious worlds of food and fashion together. Our state-of-the-art cafes are styled to reflect the designer approach to a stylish way of living. We live every moment in with an artistic point of view, GOSSIP The Brand is a canvas of imaginative impressions, set to conquer the world!

What to order:
GOSSIP serves a variety of dishes for breakfast and lunch, but I would probably only go back for the desserts. The pistachio truffle melts in your mouth, the banoffee pie was heavenly and they have their famous cookie skillet, which you will need to allocate some waiting time for if you’d like to order.

Service: Even though the staff were sweet, everything was incredibly slow.

What I loved:
-The cafe itself was very cute, I loved the little touches inside.

What I didn’t love as much:
-They need to sort out an issue with the flies, as it really got out of hand during our meal.
-The parking for the place is a little bit of a hassle, so I suggest you take a cab or driver.
-I loved their dessert, and would have hoped they had better coffee and tea to finish them off perfectly. Please bring in a speciality coffee brand!

Bill for two: AED250

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