Treatments to Try: Slimming treatment, Crystal massage & an Oribe hair treatment

March 11

What: Slimming treatment at Wellbeing Medical Centre
The atmosphere: This was my first time at the Wellbeing Medical Centre, which is based in Jumeirah on Al Wasl Road. It does feel like a clinic but you really do forget where you are once you get to the treatment room, which also has its own private toilet.
The experience: The slimming massage focuses on lymphatic drainage, making it great for anyone who is feeling bloated, has water retention or needs some aid with slimming (in addition to diet and exercise of course). The hour-long massage consists of long softer strokes using pineapple oil (an antioxidant) to help push out toxins. My lovely therapist, Lorna, started on the front, moving me around to the back, then focused on my face towards the end without the use of any oils (which was lovely).
Final note and results: Incredibly relaxing, and I spent the rest of the day drinking water to release all the toxins.
Recommended therapist: Lorna
Cost: AED300
Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Sulphex Scalp treatment at Vivandi Trichology Centre 
The atmosphere: Don’t expect a salon! Vivandi Trichology Centre is a new hair health haven and hair clinic based in the Fairmont office towers. You will be taken to a private room for your treatment, which is lovely.
The experience: The treatment I had was a scalp scrub, an exfoliating treatment for the scalp. This treatment is great for someone who needs a deep cleanse on their scalp. It’s very easy for shampoos and products to cause build up that will keep the hair looking greasy even after you’ve washed it several times. As soon as I arrived, my hair was wet before the treatment was rubbed on to my scalp. To make the most of my treatment, I also had the wheat treatment applied on to my actual hair for some deep nourishment, which was applied in sections. Once the treatment was on, I received a lovely head massage in order for the product to penetrate into the scalp and hair. I then spent half an hour under the steamer, before it was washed out. I concluded the treatment with a lovely sweet almond hair mask.
Final note and results: After a simple blow dry, my hair felt very clean and hydrated. I’d say this is a treatment to consider once a month.
Recommended therapist: Girlie
Cost: AED450
Extra notes:
-The treatment is also works well at removing excess sebum on the scalp
Recommended rating: 8/10

What: Crystal Radiance massage at Iridium Spa, St Regis Dubai
The atmosphere: In line with the hotel, the spa is very classic and luxe.
The experience: As soon as I entered, I made my way into the Women’s spa to complete my consultation form before my ‘spa butler’ arrived to escort me to change. Once I was ready, I stepped into the Iridium Room to wait for my therapist — a place to relax before and after with flavored water, nuts, dried fruit, tea, music and books/magazines. The treatment started with a foot soak with crystals, before moving on to a full body massage. For the Crystal massage, the therapist uses warm crystals instead of hot stones to massage the body, which gives off different positive energies to be absorbed by the body and mind.
Final note and results: Even though it was quite a relaxing massage, it was also great for sore workout muscles.
Recommended therapist: Penny
Cost: AED850
Extra notes:
-The hotel are a little stingy with their wifi password, which did put me slightly off at the beginning.
-All spa products are by Sodashi.
-My only concern was that I found the staff a little intimidating compared to other spas… smile ladies!
Recommended rating: 7/10

What: Thai massage at the Waldorf Astoria Spa
The atmosphere: I love the Waldorf Astoria Spa on the palm; there’s something so chic, elegant and soothing about it.
The experience: As soon as I arrived, I was treated to a lemongrass towel and lemon water before being taken straight to my treatment room (I really love straight to the point massages!). After a foot soak, the 50-minute treatment took place on a traditional mattress placed on the ground. As it was a dry massage, I was given Maria Dowling pyjamas to change into before getting started. Like the Shiatsu, Thai massages are all about pressure points, but also include stretching.
Final note and results: I loved the feel of a no oil massage, it was easier to head straight through to my next meeting. The traditional aspect also made the relaxing treatment a lovely experience.
Recommended therapist: Pannisa
Cost: AED450
Extra notes:
-The treatment was concluded with vanilla tea and cookies in the relaxing room.
-The spa has its own entrance, so you don’t have to arrive through the main hotel entrance.
Recommended rating: 8.5/10

What: Oribe hair treatment at De la Mer Day Spa
The atmosphere: This is one of my favorite places in Jumeirah, so I was really excited to hear they revamped their hair salon and brought in Oribe as their main brand of hair products (and can I just say, the salon looks so much prettier with all those products!)
The experience: Oribe have 3 different kind of products; I went for the Gold List treatment which is great for dry and damaged hair. They also have one for colored hair as well as their signature product for normal hair. As soon as I arrived, my hair was washed with the Gold Lust shampoo, and the mask was then applied to the hair and left under the steam with a shower cap (you can choose for how long you want to keep it in, but it requires a minimum of 20 minutes)
Final note and results: Even though I sadly didn’t get a massage, my hair felt hydrated and soft. The whole treatment felt very luxe on my hair.
Recommended stylist: Lucy
Cost: Treatments start at AED450
Recommended rating: 8/10