EXCLUSIVE Interview with... Gigi Hadid's hairstylist, Jennifer Yepez

March 15

I must say, I am very excited that celebrity hairstylist, Jennifer Yepez is heading to Dubai (Belle Femme are bringing her down, of course.) If you’re not familiar with Jennifer, she is the lady behind the ultra chic looks by Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge and Adriana Lima to name a few. What I love about Jennifer is that she’s quite adventurous once it comes to her client’s hairs and takes them that step forward from the regular effortless beach waves. Ahead of her visit next week (I have an appointment with her, so stay tuned on instagram and snapchat!), I spoke to Jennifer to get some tips, the products she can’t live without and her favorite hairstyles…

Hi Jennifer, welcome to Dubai! You seem to be in Dubai quite a bit for leisure, why was this the right time to come for work?
Yea I have been in Dubai for leisure as I have lots of friends there and always have a great time. It was perfect timing as I was in Paris for Fashion week and am so close to Dubai so I wanted to offer the ladies there my services as its not always easy for them to travel all the way to New York.
My friend Jen Atkin has told me so much about Belle Femme and such great things that I thought it would be a perfect fit.

How does a typical session with a client come about when styling their hair? Do you like to take them out of their comfort zone?
How a session would go with me would be I would first get to know them and what their regular routine is that way I know what is going to work for them and what won’t work for them. I want my clients to be able to style their hair without having to fuss to much. So I don’t necessarily take them out their comfortable zone my job it’s to make my client feel good and do what’s going to look good and work for them.

I love how adventurous you are with Gigi Hadid & Lily Adridge. For women that want to have more fun with their hair, how often should we be changing up our looks?
I love changing my girls looks so it’s not repetitive. I think you should go accordingly to your outfit if you feel like an outfit your wearing to a special event can be the opportunity to switch up your look them the best thing is to pull references so you can see what’s going to look the best. And then see what makeup is going to look the best with the whole look after.
So you can switch up your look every time you have a special event or everyday it depends how adventurous you are.

Your girls constantly have the most envious beach waves! what are your tips on how to keep the beach waves lasting all day?
I love beach waves it’s sexy and can last all day and a few days. I always prep the hair with a heat protectant and a thickening spray so the waves hold. The trick is not to use too much wave/ salt spray after you curl that way it can last up to 3 days. On the 2 be day you can use more product or throughout the day but as long as you prepped the hair with thickening spray it will last all day after you curl your hair.

What are your tips for volume? Backcombing, a product, the cut?
If you want volume make sure you have layers so yes start with the cut and then use a volumizing shampoo and when you condition the hair use it mid shaft down not on the roots.
After I love using R&CO Chiffon mousse as well as Dallas thickening spray those are my favorites but any thickening spray work. Blow dry your roots upward at the top of your hair and for ultimate volume set it after you blow dry your hair like a set with out the rollers or if you prefer rollers you can do that too. I don’t like to tease too much it tends to look to done so you can use a dry shampoo on the roots after as well as a texturizing spray on the root.

What are 3 of your favorite hairstyles?
My 3 favorite hairstyles are beach waves , Victoria secret hair / model off duty and a ponytail.

What should we be doing with our hair for 2016 – cut and style?
Honestly there is no such thing to me what kind of hair cut to have each year I think do what fits your face.

What style would you like to go away?
I am not sure about what style shot go away honestly if you can rock it do it! Have fun with your hair.

Women in the Middle East spend a lot of time at the salons, what styling tips can you give for 2nd or 3rd day hair?
I would say wrap your hair at night or put it into a smooth high bun when you sleep so your blow dry lasts and use dry shampoo. My truck to keeping the blowdry smooth the next day is use a small amount of serum on the ends and mid shaft of the hair brush all the way through and make a high bun and use a large Bobby pin to secure in place and in the am use dry shampoo on the roots of its oily or want more volume.

What are 3 hair products every woman should own?
I think every woman should own a heat protectant a smoothing serum and a good hair mask.
I love Kerastase Ciment Thermique , Ke’restase Nectar Thermique
Oribe gold lust serum, Kerastase a Elixir Ultimate, OUAI Hair oil
Oribe super shine light moisturizing cream
Kerastase Masquintense , Kerastase Force Architecte , Kerastase masque therapist