My Highlights this Month

March 3

Car: Mustang Eco Boost
This month, I drove the Mustang Eco Boost for a week and I never thought I’d say this, but I fell in love with the car. Quite an innovative car, the new model has a super sleek look, which is perfect for us women, yet still keeping the cool edge of a Mustang. I must admit, I’m not the best when it comes to knowing much about engines, but the new Mustang is the first car to offer four-, six- and eight-cylinder engines that each produce at least 300 horsepower – a 300-horsepower 3.7-liter V6, a more powerful 435-horsepower 5.0-liter V8, and an all-new 310-horsepower* 2.3-liter EcoBoost® engine. Fun Fact: The Mustang is 50 years old! Here are a few things I loved about the car:
-the sleek, chic interior design
-the power of the car
-the smooth drive — the one thing I miss being a Mini-Cooper driver.
-the spacious interiors of the car despite it being a two-door vehicle
-it’s a smart car (which I love), and this definitely classifies as one given its stability, customization of the control system, as well as alerts if you are close to crashing.

App: Vaniday
I wanted to share a new beauty discovery with all of you – Vaniday. Rather than calling up a salon, or having to wait till the next day when they open, Vaniday lets you book your appointments with different salons and spas through a website or app on your phone. You can book everything from your hair, nails, massage to waxing and laser across several salons. A few of their top Dubai salons include Pastels, Carita and Dreamworks, and it’s also a great way to discover new places that are around your area. I recently used the app to purchase a package at Pastels, and paid for everything before I got there through the app, so I was in and out in a flash. P.S. you can also use the Vaniday app to buy friends gift cards, which make the best gifts. Apps really do save you time!

Gifts: Make Up For Ever makeup sets
Finding a gift isn’t always the easiest task, but every girl will love makeup – especially if it’s from Make Up For Ever. I love their new makeup sets, especially the diversity in the collection. I recently got my hands on 3 different kinds, so I’m breaking them down here in case you’re currently thinking of what to get a friend or your mom on her birthday!
-The Cult Makeup Set comes in an orange makeup pouch that’s got all the essentials – the Aqualiner (Make Up For Ever’s waterproof liner), a classic black eyeliner, a red lip pencil, a travel version of the HD powder, a smoothing primer and a mini smokey lash mascara.
-The Artist Eye Studio comes with a medium sized eyeshadow palette (with the perfect colors for a brown smokey eye) alongside a mini mascara and mini eyeliner — all with an eye tutorial to help you use the palette!
-The Cult Brush Set comes with a metallic and sparkly red pouch that includes 5 essential brushes – foundation, highlighter, shader, bent eyeliner to an angled eyebrow brush.

Food: The Entertainer
I’m such a sucker for good offers. Even though this has been around for years – I only ended up getting myself the Entertainer Fine Dining and the Entertainer Dubai recently, on my iPhone as an app instead of the book. I’d like to ust say, they’re pretty incredible! I tend to use both versions – the Entertainer Dubai for quicker options on the go (such as Bubbleology for Bubble Tea, Manaeesh at Lebaneesh for a late snack, and Caribou or Tim Hortons for dinner). If you have kids, there are some great options on here, such as adventurous weekend activities including places like Wild Wadi and the Dubai Mall Ice Rink. If you have dogs, Shampooch is on there too! The Fine Dining version is just plain impressive because you actually get to use it for fancy night outs and weekend plans. A few of the places on there are Bice, GQ bar, China Grill and Caramel. If you’re not very familiar with The Entertainer, you can buy the app for AED 445 or the book for AED 495 (I recommend the app because you have it on you at all times, and the map shows you what is around). The basic concepts is a coupon collection with offers to get something for free, when you buy one dish or item. When you see how much you have saved, and it’s well over the AED445 cost, it’s definitely worth it!

Night out: Treehouse, Taj Hotel
If you’re looking for a place for your next weekend night out, I recommend Treehouse, located in in the Taj Hotel in Business Bay. Outdoor, making it perfect for this weather, the rooftop lounge has the ultimate view of the Burj Khalifa. I’ve been there with groups of friends during our last few outings, and I’m glad to see the service getting better over time. For a chilled night out with lounge music, I suggest you check out Treehouse for drinks — my personal favorite is the Passion Fruit Martini. More details, click here

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