What to do this month: Ladies Night, The Electric Run, & Scandinavian Beauty

October 13


Get Fit and rave… at the Electric Run in Dubai

I am pretty excited about this – but 2015 welcomes the first Electric run in Dubai! I tweeted a few years ago asking for them to bring it to Dubai, so I was over the moon to hear that they are hosting it next month. A night run, but still so bright – the 5km run combines lights, music and exercise in one event. The biggest night run in the world, they’ve had it in cities like London, NYC and Chicago. If I had to personally describe the run, I would call it a rave in the form of wellness! Fun Fact: Legendary runner, Dame Kelly, will be there on the day running with everyone

You can buy your tickets from or any Fitness First Club



Pamper yourself the Scandinavian way… at Feldvoss

I seem to always be at the salon for something… Luckily, I can multi-task, get my work done whilst still looking polished. I recently visited Scandinavian salon in Dubai (Scandinavian style, Scandinavian stylists) in JLT, Feldvoss. Small, yet super chic minimal space – the interiors are simple, the walls are white with some painted illustrations and wordings. They use haircare brands Oribe and Philip B for styling and Wella for color. I was booked in for an appointment with Sivan, who moved to Dubai from Denmark for a haircut and color. After being greeted with a biscotti and a glass of water, Sivan initially asked me what I wanted, and also suggested some options for me. We decided to go for a toner to remove the brassiness, add some more ashy color to my ombre higher up and for the cut, get it trimmed and add some light layers. Loved the fact that Sivan cared about the hair health just as much, so we barely had the color in for too long, yet the color was beautiful and just as ashy as I wanted. To help pass time, I got a wonderful hand massage by Sevin using Philip B’s hand cream (not to mention they had a lovely variety of International magazines). My hair was then washed (they have a built in massage chair with the shower), and got the Oribe beautiful color treatment with the most incredible head massage after the toner. The appointment ended with my blunt cut with soft layers. I was impressed with the service, the salon and the quality. This wins as a myfashdiary favorite.

FYI They have parking outside – first 4 hours free.


Try a healthy month with… Love Food

There has been a lot more options for diet deliveries in the city, and I must say – I’ve tried quite a few and have seen the good, bad and the ugly. This has to count as one of my favorites. A green driven company, all their food and drinks are sent in glass containers (you return by keeping the glasses in a bag overnight, and they are picked up in the morning). Most deliveries don’t come with drinks but Love Food would send options of 3 healthy juice bottles a day (I chose to pass on them as they’ve got veggie bases). One thing I always find myself disliking is the variety and selection of food but minus the breakfast (I wasn’t a big fan of the flavored yogurts and dry pancakes), the food was delicious. Lunches included curry chicken and cauliflower rice, veal with mustard and vegetables, chicken avocado salad, and Asian chicken with rice. The meal service I chose was for weight maintenance and included 3 meals in addition to two snacks – one savory and one sweet. The snacks were varied too, and one of my favorites was the Strawberry and lavender Macaron.


Get a toxin-free manicure… at

I was very excited to hear that one of my favorite nail salons, introduced OF+T nailpolish – a premium, toxin-free nail polish brand. I recently came in for a manicure and pedicure at the salon, and instead of going with my regular Essie or CND vinylux, I gave OF+T a try, and I must say I was impressed. They might not have as large of a color selection, but they still had quite a variety (as well as some chic shades). My manicure lasted just as long, and it was great knowing that it was free from the toxic chemicals that are usually found in nail polish formulations. Perfect for sensitive or pregnant women.


Have some of the best burgers… at SALT burger

You’re going to be shocked, but I only recently tried SALT burger for the first time and I must say, I’ve been missing out in life. We recently had a family affair at home and bought two lunchboxes. A lunch box comes with 10 sliders and fries. We tried the classic burger (which is my personal favorite), a spicy one with jalapeños and a fried chicken one with cheetos (yes, cheetos!). The meat was fresh, the buns were buttery (but not too heavy), which made for a satisfying burger. The only sad part, is that I’ll be visiting Kite beach, for some burgers and to finally try the Lotus milkshake. For those who aren’t familiar, Salt started as a pop up burger truck where people would have to find the truck, and then end up standing in line for an hour to buy their two sliders. If you love your burgers, and haven’t been – this is one to try stat.


Head to the Cinema…

As you can maybe tell on snapchat, I’m a movie junkie. I love heading to the movies with friends and family, and when I’m traveling, I catch up on movies during the flight. This month has been a good one in terms of movies, so I thought I’d share a few recommended ones if you haven’t been to the movies recently.

Inside Out: For the mommies and even if you don’t have kids – this is worth watching. A kid’s movie by Pixar that leaves you inspired – the whole movie is what goes on in the head of an 11 year old girl and how she battles her own emotions from Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger.

-SouthPaw: Jake Gyllenhaal plays a boxing champion who is married to Rachel McAdams – and shows you how his life broke down after a tragedy. 50 cent is in this movie – expect to cry your eyes out.

-Straight Outta Compton: A true story on the hip hop group, NWA (Dr Dre and Ice Cube were a part of the group) – a great movie.


Go out for Ladies night… at Claw

The Southern American restaurant in Souk al Bahar, Claw – have launched their ladies night recently and I went to check it out with some of my girlfriends. Called ‘My Cowboy is Out of Town’, I quite like it’s on Wednesdays. They serve free flowing Daiquiri cocktails, and play a mix of old school music all the way to songs from Madonna, Christina Aguilera to Cyndi Lauper (the music was a bit too loud for a girly chat though!). We feasted on their famous buffalo shrimps, and fell in love with

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