My Beauty Blackbook / Dubai, UAE

October 31

Everyone is constantly asking me about recommendations around the city. When it comes to beauty, I was always a guinea pig – I’m less of a guinea pig these days because of disasters (I’ll never feature the disasters, or maybe I should?) so expect to really read about treatments I love in my monthly ‘Treatments to Try’ feature but the below are solid recommendations – meaning I go to them regularly and I highly recommend them to people. Let them know I say hello and I love them if you ever visit them!

Skin: Rebecca Treston at EUROMED
As you probably know, as I always rave about her – Rebecca Treston at Euromed is my skin guru. If I’m ever having a skin disaster, breakout or issue – I go see her and she will always recommend effective treatments that are quick and not too costly. Personally, I love the spectra, laser and the light peels like Mandelic and Milk peels. I also have another reason to visit Rebecca Treston these days – Urshe, a skin therapist from Hungary recently joined her team and she gives the most incredible face massages, so whenever I have time – I come in on weekend mornings before my treatment for a massage. The best part is the massages aren’t only super relaxing, but they’re actually good for you. It removes excess fluids that are caused by sodium as well as help sculpt the face.
Rebecca Treston on Facebook here

Hairstyle: Iraia at Marquee Salon
Marquee salon has been on my go to list and not because we film hair tutorials together. Catherine, Marquee’s Creative Director is fab at choosing stylists that are good and bringing them down to Dubai. If you’re looking to get curls that last till your next shower (how many days that would be) or braids (show her any picture – even the complicated and she’ll do it), Iraia from Spain at Marquee is the person to see.

Haircut: Theresa at Marquee Salon
I don’t usually get any complicated cuts these days – Mostly a trim with a bit of subtle layers (as Luke Hersheson mentioned in my interview – it’s all about the invisible layers), Theresa can give you just that. Not to mention, she’s also great with giving you curls and volume! I always come with my hair unwashed because they exclusively use the Kevin Murphy range (which I am obsessed with!)

Hair Color: Rachael at Slam
I only really started coloring my hair with the stylists visiting from LA because I never got the color I’d be crazy over when I’d see someone in Dubai. This all changed the moment I had to see someone in between Celebrity colorist, Negin Zand’s trip and I tried Rachael right when Slam opened. She is fast, confident, knows her stuff – not to mention the sweetest. I’ve had many friends try her out because they had the struggle – and everyone left incredibly happy. FYI the salon is so hip and add a hair treatment to your appointment to get the best scalp massage by Fawzia.

Express Massage: Robina at Nstyle
If you’re someone that sits on the computer for long and works out regularly, but doesn’t always have the time to get a full body massage – getting a 30 minute express massage whilst getting your nails done is heavenly. I like Robina at Nstyle Mall of the Emirates – she really helps melt the muscles and gives one of the best head massages.

Lash Extensions: Kyla at Dollhouse Salon
I have been seeing Julie for a few months now, and can truly say I’ve found my favorite spot for lashes. Super sweet and kind, Kyla knows her stuff. She’s not going to be pushy so she gets paid, she truly gives advice for your lash health. Kyla uses Lash Perfect and finds the bespoke length and thickness for your lashes – as well as the curl you want, the C or the J. Highly recommend her if you want good, beautiful lashes that aren’t going to crisscross or leave you with stingy eyes from the glue fumes. Eyelash extensions are AED650 and a refill costs AED450.