How to layer Oud

May 27

I wouldn’t call myself the number one fan of Oudh, but there’s a scent I recently really liked using top notes of Oudh. From Rasasi’s latest range, Boruzz – it’s all about the mix and voyage of east meets west. Rich traditional ingredients, to make timeless scents. The range consists of 3 contemporary variants of Oudh – Rooh Al Assam, Asrar Indonesia, Abeer Malaysia – as well as 2 variants of the musk – Jazeebiyat Musk Tabriz and Lamaat Musk Tabriz.

My personal favourites are the 

-Jazeebiyat Musk Tabriz – which is a lovely night time fragrance, quite strong with the perfect combination of musk, oudh and florals  – including notes like Indian tuberose, Indian rose, Tunisian orange blossom, jasmine  and vanilla.

-Lamaat Musk Tabriz – This has a lighter Oudh scent, with a fruity and woody amber notes. Think Sicilian blood orange, Brazilian pink pepper, musk and vanilla.


I had the chance to speak to the people behind Rasasi on the range… 

Could you talk me through the new Boruzz range?

Burozz is a collection of five fragrances inspired by enduring legacy of ‘Oudh’ that has become a

symbolic cultural expression for the region known for its royalty and opulence. Each one of these

five fragrances takes you on an enthralling journey that elevates the ritual of pure Oudh to a luxurious

art. Their names refer to a person of high caliber, exuding class and opulent luxury through the

meaningful scents.


Inspired by the legendary and much celebrated opulence of pure Oudh, the collection compromises

three contemporary manifestations of the luxurious substance; Rooh Al Assam, Asrar Indonesia and

Abeer Malaysia are retailed under the line extension of Oudh Al Boruzz, while Jazeebiyat Musk Tabriz

and Lamaat Musk Tabriz are two variants of Attar Al Boruzz


Boruzz has been developed for young Khaleejis, who are proud of their Arabic heritage, yet highly

progressive, ambitious and global in spirit and ambition. We are talking to a successful and suave

generation of men and women who are blazing exceptional professional and entrepreneurial trails and

wish to celebrate the Arabic and global influences that have shaped their unique personalities and



Other than Oud, what other ingredients are featured in this range?

All of the fragrances fuse base elements of oudh with an intoxicating blend of floral, leather and citrus



Oudh Al Boruzz is a captivating journey of poetic expression with three contemporary tributes to an

unsurpassed heritage. The woody, sensual notes of Malaysian, Indonesian and Indian Oudh are

highlighted by an intoxicating blend of floral, leather and citrus inflections wherein each fragrance tells a

unique story of prestige and artistry.


The mystical Attar Al Boruzz collection has been composed to evoke all that is rare and precious,

drawing inspiration the famed Silk Roads, the exotic parks and the sunlit fragrant walls of ancient

Persia’s Tabriz mosques. A regal bouquet of musk and noble rose combined with the heady aroma of the

finest Oudh create a family of modern yet enduring fragrances.

The five fragrances under Boruzz contain a range of ingredients from thousand roses, leather,

sandalwood, pepper, violet, nutmeg to other delightful components like soft spices, Madagascan vanilla,

citrus and French cassis.


What was the inspiration behind the bottle?

The warm Eastern colours of gold harmonise with the linear Occidental lines of the hand-

polished bottle to reflect modernity. The gleaming gold slant is symbolic of the unique success

trajectory of the GCC nations. When opened, the packaging unveils a modern-day story of oudh

in its enduring mystique and glory.


With Oud being a top note in all the fragrances in the range, what differentiates them?

The Boruzz line seeks to elevate the experience of Oudh with five fragrances that are characteristically

unique and different from each other. Each fragrance bears a signature of elevation, sophistication and


Rooh Al Assam has the unique scent of Indian Oudh with a touch of citrus, a lace of leather and a

golden drop of saffron making it sensual sweet and spicy. Abeer Malaysia is a decadent floral

creation with distinctive notes of pepper, violet and nutmeg that embodies the true essence of

the exotic east while Asrar Indonesia has a deep smoky, woody   effusion with crisp freshness of

sun-warmed Italian citrus that leads to the dramatic woody tones.

Jazeebiyat Musk Tabriz is rich bouquet of Italian citrus and French cassis that comes alive with a

floral explosion followed by sensual notes of musk, Madagascan vanilla and the finest Indian

Oudh. Lamaat Musk Tabriz has the potent blend of fruity accents and woody notes warmed by

soft spices that radiates with an unmistakable intensity.


What advice can you give for layering Oudh?

Layering Oudh is an art which is very unique to the Middle Eastern societies. It starts with the

enveloping oneself in the Bukhoor mist followed by layering with concentrated perfumed oils to

be topped by Perfumed sprays.  As a part of layering, it is suggested to blend perfumes and oils together to create a unique signature



For someone that appreciates Oudh, but doesn’t want to go all out – what would you recommend?

Boruzz is a product for the today’s connoisseurs of pure Oudh, seeking a rich interplay between tradition

and modernity, oriental opulence of pure Oudh and occidental sophistication.  Boruzz is a celestial ode

to these confluences, an extension of self, and expression of one’s individuality and celebration of all its



Boruzz collection is Oudh Connoisseurs delight that consists of varied fragrances, from the strong and

sensuous Rooh Al Assam to the mildly floral Abeer Malaysia to the deep Asrar Indonesia apart from the

mystical Jazeebiyat Musk Tabriz and Lamaat Musk Tabriz.  All the speckled scents make them desirable

for someone who would want to go subtle on Oudh yet make a unique signature sent.