How to curl your hair

May 19

For this month’s hair tutorial, I have teamed up with Marquee Salon’s Creative director, Cat Hawkes to show you how to curl your own hair at home.

Before applying any heat to the hair, be sure to use a heat protector. We used KEVIN.MURPHY DAMAGE MANAGER, a weightless instant heat shielding spray containing Arnica Root Extract – a natural herb that helps prevent inflammation, and Allantoin, extracted from the roots and leaves of the comfrey plant which has long been used to expedite healing.


To create your 3 different types of curls you will need just one straightening iron. No need to mess around with different sizes or changing heads or plates. These three curls can be created quickly and easily by simply mastering the correct technique! To create our curls we’re using the gdh classic straighteners.


Spiral Curl – hold straighteners horizontally at a 90 degree angle and pull out through the hair. Turn the straighteners in slightly at the ends to finish the curl.

Loose Wave – Hold the straighteners diagonally and pull through the hair at a 180 degree angle and pull out smoothly.

Crimped beach waves – Twist the hair tightly. Hold the straightening irons horizontally and open and close the straighteners as you move down the length of the twisted hair. Unravel the twist and smooth with KEVIN.MURPHY EASY.RIDER and brush through to slightly loosen the waves.