Tried & Tested: BLOW DRIES in Dubai. Part Three

April 1

What? Wash and blow dry at Locks Hair Boutique

Where? A brand new hair salon in JLT started by Hairworks’ former creative director, Loulou

The Process: After arriving at the cute and simple boutique salon, I had my hair washed before having it blow dried and curled whilst getting my nails done)

Experience: I got a relaxing massage by Alka during my hair wash then had it dried and curled using tongs. Lovely staff and still very new, which is lovely as it feels quite private.

Results: My curls and volume lasted for a good two days before my shower. Loulou specialises in hair extensions so she knows a good volume.

Recommended stylist: Loulou herself for big hair don’t care (If you’d like an Essie mani on the side, ask for Girlie)

Products used: L’Oreal (they also have QOD & Fudge)

Price: Starting at AED110 for a senior blow-dry and AED120 for a director blow dry.


stars: 9/10


What? Wash and blow-dry at Tips at Toes.

Where? Al Barsha (their flagship branch, but they have a few around town)

The Process: The salon is freezing, but there wasn’t a better way to start than with an amazing massage with my wash.  After it was blow dried, my hair was curled with tongs. I preferred them tight so my hair can fall down a little into a more natural curl look.

Experience: The shower beds are decent in terms of comfort, and they have a leg rest. I wasn’t happy with their lack of magazines though.

Results: My hair lasted till the next day, and still looked great on the 3rd day!

Recommended stylist: Anju

Products used: L’oreal and Kerastase.

Price: AED120 for long hair


Stars: 9/10


What? Wash and blow dry at Essentials Salon

Where? Al Wasl Road opposite Park n Shop

The Process: After a shower on the flat shower beds with one of the best scalp massages, my hair was then blow dried, followed by curls using Cloud nine curlers. My hair was then clipped when they were hot, and removed once they were set and the hair cooled down.

Experience: Great, the salon which has been going for since 1996, have wifi at the salon. Bambi gives the most amazing scalp massages on a flat shower bed, heaven!

Results: They turned into beautiful loose waves within a few hours

Recommended stylist: Meghan

Products used: Mostly Redken with a bit of Wella and Tigi

Price: AED150 for long hair


stars: 8/10


What? Wash and blow dry with curls at Bblunt Salon

Where? Bblunt salon at Liberty House in Downtown Dubai

The Process: After a wash in their minimal leather made shower bed (that reclines), my hair was blow dried, before being curled with tongs. Emelie, my French stylist then uses a texturing spray to give it a cool finish!

Experience: Really sweet staff, my hair was done within a blow dry bar concept in the salon.

Results: My hair was wavy with some volume and lasted till the next day.

Recommended stylist: Emelie

Products used: L’oreal and Redken

Price: AED140


stars: 8.5/10

Extra notes:

-The salon, which is from India (started up by a celebrity stylist) specialise in hair.

-They also offer manicures, pedicures and facials by Dermalogica


What? Blow dry and curls at Glow Salon & Spa

Where? A villa on Beach Road, Jumeirah

The Process: Hair washed on their comfortable beds (They’re not flat beds but nearly as comfortable!) with the most incredible massages before being dried and curled with tongs.

Experience: Lovely, the new management started a few months ago so it was quiet which was nice. Sonia, my stylist gave the most amazing massages – not only was I glommed, pampered too!

Results: The tightest curls! I usually ask stylists to keep the curls tight so they don’t drop in an hour but those didn’t drop in 3 days. Personally, wish they slightly dropped but those stayed tight till my next shower.

Recommended stylist: Sonia

Products used: Nanogen & L’oreal

Price: AED150 for a blow dry, styling is extra

stars: 7.5/10


What? A Redken chemistry treatment and blow dry

Where? Ted Morgan hair salon in Motor City (They also have a branch on the Palm)

The Process: My ends were quite dry so my stylist, Pollyana recommended that I get a Redken chemistry treatment for my hair, to give it all the protein (she used 3 treatments to help with protein, the colour, to smoothen and to add shine)

Experience: A relaxing and great experience – some of the sweetest staff in the most beautiful and spacious salon – not to mention, I got some of the most relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage (Nympha is incredible!)

Results: Beautiful soft curls (I was also in the rush, Pollyana gave me the most beautiful soft curls with straighteners in a matter of 30 minutes, which is pretty fast due to having lots of hair!)

Recommended stylist: Pollyana

Products used: Redken (they also have Kerastase)

Price: A blow dry starts at AED140-180 depending on hair length. The Redken treatment was AED125


stars: 9.5/10