The skin treatments you should avoid.

April 6

This month, my skin guru, Rebecca Treston from Euromed clinic answered a question I recently started asking myself (as I’m always up to trying out a new skin treatment, which is not always the smartest thing to do. Less is more.) Here’s what Rebecca had to say:

It is vital

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that before you embark on any skincare regime, you make sure you choose a clinic or a practitioner with a good reputation, who is an expert in the field of skincare, who understands the science of skin and who you can fully trust to assess your skin and advise you on what treatments will address your individual skin concerns and make your skin look its absolute flawless best. All too often, I have people visit the clinic who have purchased treatments on discount websites from clinics that are clearly not experienced, judging by the results. One common procedure that I have seen offered on such websites is CO2 laser resurfacing. This is a great treatment if you need it but often I have seen people who have redeemed a deal to have this treatment, as it was advertised for hyper pigmentation. In many instances, unfortunately people have taken the deal had the treatment and ended up ruining their skin because to deal with their particular complaint all they needed was a rejuvenation treatment or a peel, and not such a strong treatment.

Another treatment about which I am skeptical is the bird poo or nightingale droppings facial. Although it has been claimed that this treatment is a favourite among celebrities, there is in fact little evidence of this. Also, the science behind the treatment is hazy – there is no proof that using this as a one-off treatment will yield the long-term benefits that are claimed. I recently had a patient, who is also a beauty journalist, visit me and confide that given the ingredients include not only bird droppings but also urine, she thought it was the most cringe inducing facial she had ever experienced and felt sick throughout – not what you really want from an expensive treatment!